Leftover Chapati Recipe | Make Easy Frankie Roll From Leftover Chapati

Leftover chapati or roti is a very common occurrence in any indian household. So what do you do with stale rotis ? That’s the real question.Leftover Chapati Recipe | Make Easy Frankie Roll From Leftover Chapati is here for you all. In reality that’s no question at all as there are many


Checkerboard Sandwich Recipe

Tea party is the best way to spent time with friends and family. Sandwiches are the best snacks for the tea party. Checkerboard sandwiches are best and intresting snacks. I am here with the Checkerboard sandwich recipe.   Checkerboard sandwich recipe Ingredient 6 slices white bread 6 slices brown bread

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How To Make Homemade Diet Namkeen Recipe For Weight Loss

Iam there for my friends who want to lose weight and have namkeen also. This Diet Diet Namkeen Recipe For Weight Loss | Murmura namkeen | Murmura chidwa Diet Namkeen is prefect. In this busy routine we don’t have time to make something tasty , easy and Diet free daily.



Mumbai’s very own burger, now in Jain form! Vada Pav is an indelible element of Mumbai culture, a distinctive dish on the city’s street food scene. Stop searching Jain vada pav near me as Here is an EASY JAIN VADA PAV RECIPE WITH RED CHUTNEY While it generally contains potatoes,


How To Make Vegan Thai Basil Fried Rice Recipe

What are the benefits of making this Vegan Thai Basil Fried Rice Recipe? This is without a doubt the best way to use up  leftover rice. This fried rice is delicious and a complete meal with plenty of vegetables. Finally, this is a meal that we can be freeze. Let’s Talk About Rice! Rice is an essential component of Asian  cuisine. Rice is essential in any South Asian,  South East Asian, or Indian cuisine. White rice  has only recently become a household staple.  Previously, however, it was all about brown rice and heirloom rice varieties. Jasmine rice is the most commonly used type  of rice in South Asian cuisine. This is a  fragrant short-grain rice that goes great with any fried rice or  Asian-style rice. Today, I made Thai-style veg fried rice with this variety. If you can’t  find it, you can substitute short-grained rice or Basmati rice in this recipe. How do you prepare  rice for Thai fried rice? All fried rice recipes benefit from cold rice that  is at least a day old. I usually cook the rice the  day before and store it in the fridge until I’m  ready to make this. There’s a reason why cold  rice is ideal for fried rice. The grains do not  stick together and blend well with the sauces  and vegetables without becoming mushy. In this recipe, I used Jasmine rice that had been cooked the day before. I also used my instant  pot to cook the rice. You can also cook it on the stovetop in an open pan. Cooking Jasmine Rice in an open


Mixed Vegetable Pulao (Easy One Pot Recipe)

ixed Vegetable Pulao (Easy One Pot Recipe) is a quick and easy-to-make spicy dish, rice is cooked with various vegetables and spices to make it. In this recipe, rice and vegetables are first fried in oil and ghee with spices and then cooked in a pressure cooker like plain rice


How To Make Oats Chilla Recipe | Oats Cheela | Oats Pancake

Most people tend to know very limited use of Oats; so here I’m adding one more oats recipe – Oats ka Chilla, which is great for weight loss; and tasty too. Learn How To Make Oats Chilla Recipe | Oats Cheela | Oats Pancake This quick rolled oats and spice breakfast or  indian pancake recipe makes a filling and  healthful meal. It’s a better option than eating only oats with milk and fruits in the morning or using the overnight oats recipe. This dish is an  improvement on the original besan ka cheela  recipe


Kadai paneer Recipe | Karahi Paneer | How To Make Kadai Paneer Gravy

Kadai paneer Recipe | Karahi Paneer | How To Make Kadai Paneer Gravy : If guests suddenly come to the house, then you can make delicious paneer in a hurry. This is very easy to make. This vegetable made of paneer and capsicum will enhance the taste of food. Kadhai Paneer Recipe:


Pickled Onion Recipe | Easy Sirke Wale Pyaaz | Apple Cider Vinegar Onion Recipe

Pickled Onion Recipe | Easy Sirke Wale Pyaaz | Apple Cider Vinegar Onion Recipe loved by everyone and it compliments every kind of food from breakfast to dinner. Here in our house we have big fans serving  pickled red onions, from tacos to burritos and  soups, salads, nachos, chilaquiles, etc. Pickled red onions, however, may also be a source of  liveliness for burgers, curries, pizza or falafel,  ovens, pickles and more. In general, these fast  pickled red onions will be there for you anytime you need an extra pick of pungent, coloured,  zippy flavour to balance your dish Red onion: A large red onion or two small red  onions, which I recommend to cut as thinly as possible as vertically. (If a mandoline happens  to you, this is a great time to use it! If not, you  can only split the onions thinly with a knife of  the chef.) Vinegar: When pickling onions, I prefers the  sweeter taste. Alternatively, however, you could also use rice vinegar, white vinegar or red wine  vinegar (or vinegar mix). Sweetener: White sugar is traditionally used in Mexican cooking to produce pickled red onions, but instead use maple syrup, sweet spots or  agave as a natural sweetener. Salt: we’ll add a touch to make all the delicious aromas come true. Water: we’re just going to add a little water to  the salt also. And you are welcome to blend the onions with a hot water before you brining if you want your onions to have a more mild flavour. Pickled