Facts and best time To Consider While Consuming Milk

Milk is well known for its nutritional properties since ages. It aids in digestion, balances nutrients contents in the body and provides energy to the body. It has been a neighborhood of human diet for several years. Due to the presence of a spread of minerals and vitamins, milk makes an entire food needed permanently health. As per the Ayurveda, the time of drinking milk plays an enormous role within the digestion and other benefits associated with milk consumption. It is a universally available natural food that contains all nutrients necessary for body’s growth.Facts and best time To Consider While Consuming Milk should be kept in mind.

According to ayurveda there’s a particular time to drink milk. So, read to understand which is that the best time to drink milk consistent with ayurveda.

Should You Start Your Day With Milk?

Most people start drinking milk in the morning from the days of infancy and continue the habit till adulthood and beyond. It can undoubtedly give a perfect beginning to the day, but if you go by the opinion of medical experts, they hold a contrary opinion on it.

Best Ways to Drink Milk

The best milk is fresh cow milk. This is obviously not possible for most people. Second best way is to boil milk and drink it warm. Never boil milk for long periods of your time , as prolonged heat destroys the nutrients.

Whisk it to a froth and sip slowly.

What is the best time to drink milk?

Milk has been known for centuries due to its nutritional properties. It promotes digestion, balances the nutrients in the body and energizes the body. This has been part of human food for many years. Due to the presence of various minerals and vitamins, milk requires a complete diet for good health.As per the Ayurveda, the time of drinking milk plays a big role in the digestion and other benefits related to milk consumption. It is a universally available natural food containing all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the body. This article tells you when to add milk to your diet.

Milk consumption in the morning :

Most busy going professionals find a glass of milk along side a bowl of cereals, the foremost nutritious thanks to start their day. There is little question that it’s a nutritious diet, but it’s also a really heavy meal to start out off the day!
Milk is loaded with many nutrients (such as calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and various other vitamins). So, once you gulp a cup of whole fat pure milk, along side the opposite accompaniments, your breakfast gets really heavy. Your digestive system may have a hard time digesting this heavy meal and as a result you may suffer from stomach aches.
This is why it might be an honest idea to avoid milk within the morning. The breakfast should be rich in fiber (oatmeal has the right amount) and proteins (eggs would be a good addition). This will keep you satiated for longer without challenging the digestive system.

Milk consumption in the Evening

Drinking milk within the evening is sweet for people of all ages.
It promotes strength in the old people and gives a dose of energy to the kids.
Milk consumption regularly during evening time also helps in alleviating various medical conditions such as bad eye health or stones.
Milk is a rich source of calcium, which is essential for maintaining good bone health. Also, the calcium gets absorbed optimally due to low activity levels in the evening.

Milk consumption after the meal:

Drinking milk after meals helps in digesting the food easily. It is advised to never consume milk during the meals because it is difficult to digest. Instead, Milk should be consumed after the meals and will be warm, to assist in easy digestion and for max benefits

Milk consumption at night

Milk is an apt before bedtime drink. It not only contains all the health benefits, but it also comprises of two important neurotransmitters – Serotonin and Melatonin. They can boost Tryptophan production (an amino acid) inducing sleep.
The cup of milk also keeps you satiated through the night and you do not feel the pangs of hunger midway through your sleeping cycle.
A glass of pure milk also relaxes your muscles and helps you combat all the tensions pent up inside your brain
. To further boost the effect of milk, you may also sprinkle some turmeric or saffron. These two spices also boost your sleep.

Facts To Consider While Consuming Milk

However, there are some exceptions to it too. One must consider these facts while consuming milk.

Avoid Milk if Any of those Conditions Are Present

Stomach aches
Buttermilk may be taken in such cases. Ghee should also be avoided.

  • Milk is full of essential nutrients and comes with numerous benefits. However, there are some people who are lactose intolerant. In that case, milk should be completely avoided.
  • Warm milk relaxes your body, aids in sleep and cures your constipation, whereas drinking cold milk within the night or combining it with unsuitable food items like melons or banana can cause digestion problems, cough, and allergies..
  • Milk should never be combined with salt, as both of them have precisely the opposite qualities.

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