Different Types Of Lovely Roses And Their Meanings

  Different Types Of Lovely Roses And Their Meanings. It’s often difficult to pick a favourite colour because they all look great! While they are all stunning, the rose colours do not have the same connotation in traditional cultures. So, what colour rose should you choose? What do they mean,

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How to deal with stress naturally

Stress is that body’s reaction to any change that needs an adjustment or response. The body reacts to those changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress may be a normal a part of life.we’ll experience stress from our environment, our body, and our thoughts. Even positive life changes like

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Reasons for different disease

This text suggests that our mental and emotional state are the main reasons for various diseases. Different emotions such as anger, self-hate, guilt, and fear are identified as potential causes for specific illnesses.


If you have a mole at this place in your body, then you will be blessed by Maa Lakshmi

Every mole present in your body has some meaning. Let us know today about those moles which if present in your body, then you will never be short of money We all have a mole somewhere in our body, some have a big mole and some have a small mole, but

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6 Important Teachings of Mahavira

The subsequent factors highlight the 6 important teachings of mahavira. The lessons are: 1. Notion in soul and karma 2. Nirvana three. Non-notion in god 4. Rejection of vedas five. Ahimsa 6. Freedom to women.   6 Important Teachings of Mahavira Teaching # 1. Belief in soul and karma: In keeping with mahavira every detail become


Exercise myths

Do you believe that exercise doesn’t work for you? Do you think that walking doesn’t count as exercise? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the realities and recommendations behind common exercise myths. Myth- the biggest myth about weight training is that you will develop muscles or become a


Why hugging 8 times in a day daily is important

Why hugging 8 times in a day daily is important is an interesting question…… Hugging is a handshake from the heart. The simple action of hugging creates good and positive energy for both the giver and recipient. Long ago, studies confirmed that without loving touch, human babies simply wouldn’t develop

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Major reasons of increasing divorce in USA

Generally, when a marriage takes place, the couples are considered to be together till death do them part. They’re expected and believed to remain together forever. But lately we could witness many failed marriages. In India, though the speed of divorce is much less than in other countries, especially in

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How to make karwa chauth special for wife without expenditure

Karwa Chauth is a Hindu festival celebrated with fasting and prayers. To make it special for your wife, prepare a lavish Sargi meal, take her for a drive, revive romance, give her a break from cooking, spend quality time together, and fast with her. Karwa Chauth is celebrated with great

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Fennel (saunf) water for weight loss

India may be a country blessed spices. Not only can we value the taste, texture and aroma they carry, but we also are conscious of the medicinal properties they need. flavorer (or saunf in Hindi) is one such spice.Fennel (saunf) water for weight loss is one among the effective remedy. consistent with