Flirting With the Stars: Mauricio Umansky and Emma Slater Hold Hands After DWTS Dinner Date

Perhaps the old adage applies here: “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” While Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has been spending a lot of time with rumored flame Morgan Wade, her estranged husband Mauricio Umansky has been getting a little saucy himself. While competing on Season 32 of Dancing with the


The Most Love Making King Of The Country Secrets who spend nights with 365 queens

Now democracy reigns in India and the people choose their own leader. Here people choose their leader through elections, but in the history of India, there were many kings-maharajas, who used to have their own kingdom and where they used to rule. Some of these kings and maharajas used to win the


Which color of ink can prove to be lucky for you?

Do you also use pen everyday? If yes, then know Which color of ink can prove to be lucky for you? We use pen everyday. People usually use black or blue ink. But there are many other colors in ink, using which not only does your writing look beautiful, but it also affects


Akshay Kumar Takes Account Of Money From His Son, You Will Be Surprised To Know The Reason

Akshay Kumar: The name of the famous superstar Akshay Kumar, who is called the player of Bollywood, is known to every child today, Akshay Kumar, who is called the superstar of stunts and comedy, has struggled a lot in his life. After Akshay has reached this point today. As we all know


5 Cricketers Who Batted And Bowled At The Same Time In The Same Match

The cricketers take great delight in being able to open the game for their country. In ODI cricket, there have been multiple occasions when a player has opened for both bowling and batting in the same match for India. There have been instances when part-time bowlers have been asked to


Why We Should Not Gossip

There are endless reason “why we should not gossip ?”but in spite of that people enjoy gossiping a lot. In spite of knowing that gossiping is bad people still do. It is Great Barrier to Unity. We do gossip because we are celebrating our weaknesses   Fear is a part of

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Don’t be concerned if your child isn’t learning to code.

Don’t be concerned if your child isn’t learning to code.“You should know that Myra is learning to code. They’ve already started teaching her Python,” a close friend exclaimed, beaming from ear to ear. For her age, I know her kid is an amazing Kathak dancer… I also know that even

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Don’t forget to carry these 10 things before you go camping

There is no doubt that camping is hard work. Camping in an unknown destination away from home in search of adventure and pleasure requires proper planning. Whether you go for camping with your family or with friends, the essentials and safety related things have to be taken care of. The better your planning,