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Simple Eggless strawberry Cream Tart | Easy Eggless Tart Recipe

This easy & eggless Strawberry Tart recipe what you need to make yourself a fancy dessert, without breaking a sweat. All you need is a couple of simple ingredients, which I am sure is already there in your pantry and an hour of your time. Make the best use of


5 min Vegan Chocolate Cake in Microwave Oven | How To Make Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe In Oven

For over a decade, this Easy 5 min Vegan Chocolate Cake in Microwave Oven | How To Make Vegan Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe In Oven has been my go-to!  It’s moist, rich, and fluffy, and it’s prepared with pantry staples that everyone can make! It’s  something I’ve made hundreds of times for  hundreds of people, and it’s always a hit ! The Best Chocolate Cake recipe – A quick and easy recipe, made in 1 bowl! This really is the best moist chocolate cake ever, vegan or


Vegan French Toast with Caramelised Bananas and Berries Recipe

Vegan French Toast with Caramelised Bananas and Berries Recipe is best for this Christmas. This vegan french toast with caramelized bananas and berries is ideal for a Christmas morning meal. Crispy on the surface, soft on the inside, and topped with luscious fruity toppings, this is the perfect way to


How To Make No Eggs, No Alcohol, Whole Wheat Christmas Plum Cake

Plum cake is a term used to describe a range of cakes created using fresh and dried fruits.  Despite the fact that this cake does not contain plums, the fruit, as the name suggests, alludes  to prunes or raisins. Plum cakes refer to an early type and form of fruit cake popular in  England that is now offered all over the world, including India, during the Christmas holiday season and festival. You can serve it as a dessert  after dinner or just with a cup of hot tea in the  evening. But the question is How To Make No Eggs, No Alcohol, Whole Wheat Christmas Plum Cake. Here’s my version of Christmas Cake made with wheat flour. You can bake in oven and on Gas as well. Ingredients : 1 cup orange juice 2


Easy Homemade Lemon – Pistachio Cake Recipe | Best Dessert Recipes

Easy Homemade Lemon – Pistachio Cake Recipe | Best Dessert Recipes. It made from goodness of Suji, this Tea Time eggless cake will blow your mind. Suji cakes are densed compared to regular maida cake and so it’s not expected to rise like regular cakes. Easy Homemade Lemon – Pistachio Cake Recipe | Best


Easy Rose Pista White Chocolate Fudge | Thandai Chocolate Fudge

The holiday season has arrived!! The mood is  upbeat!! My want to cook something nice for  my family is tremendous, but I don’t have  enough time. Is that also your personal story?  Don’t worry, in such a case, my Condensed Milk Fudge comes to the rescue. To make a quick  dessert, all you need are three primary  ingredients and five minutes. And the options  are limitless. The good news is that the base for Easy Rose Pista White Chocolate Fudge | Thandai Chocolate Fudge condensed milk fudge only requires three key  components.It all simply comes down to this: Condensed milk that has been sweetened Chocolate (white, semi-sweet, or dark) of your choice You can use any flavouring you like. Add some nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips,  pretzel nibbles, cereal, or caramel bits to the  fudge base for a fun twist. Experiment with Flavors — Other than vanilla,  you can try a variety of flavours. Lemon extract, any fruit extract, peppermint  extract, and citrus zest are all favourites of  mine. Color your fudge — You can use oil-based food colouring or dried food grade  powder to colour white chocolate fudge.  Any water-based food colour or purees will cause the  chocolate to seize. Use a pinch of turmeric for  yellow and a teaspoon of matcha for green.  You can use freezer dried fruit powder, which  can be found at most supermarkets. Enjoy the  brilliant  hues of beet, pitaya, blueberry, and raspberry powder, and others. Spice up your fudge using a range of spices likeas pumpkin seed , chai spices, lavender, pepper, saffron, and  cardamom. Easy Rose Pista White Chocolate Fudge