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Express Your Unexpressed Love Through Meditation

Love is the most beautiful emotion of this creation which everyone desires and wants to feel and express in one’s life. Life without love is not worth so express your unexpressed love through meditation.Does that mean one should be searching for it in the outside world?The answer is ‘No’ because you yourself is love. You have been created in the act of love and endowed with it. You are love and love is you. A small baby though doesn’t understand language but understands and reciprocates to mother’s love and affection. Our heart, our organs, our body parts, cells all respond to the energy of love. They get nourished and bloom when showered with love.


At the cosmic level, the enchanting energy of love creates, integrates, elevates. It is that exhilarating experience which surpasses all the experiences. Love is divine, it is sublime. The kingdom of love has love as its sovereign. The language of love is the language of soul. Our Heart only understands the language of love. One who becomes love oneself never feels alone. It is that power which can win any battle within. It is the supreme, it is the Almighty. You may immerse in love with God, with your children, your parents, your spouse, your friends and foremost yourself.The more you give love the more you receive love. All of us are hungry for love. So, create a garden of love within and outside to let its fragrance spread everywhere.Be in the abode of love and be “Love ” because that is what you really are.

Follow the below link for the free guided meditation and Express our unexpressed love to our loved ones whether near to us or far away.

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