There is a problem of vomiting and nausea during travel, so keep these 4 things with you

Many people enjoy traveling, but there are some people for whom traveling is not a pleasant feeling because they have to deal with the problems of vomiting and nausea, what should be done in such a situation?

If you vomit during travel or are troubled by the problem of nausea, then clove is a panacea for it. For this, roast the cloves and grind them and keep them in a small box. During the journey, whenever you feel vomiting or there is a complaint of spinning the head, then keep a pinch of clove powder or roasted cloves in the mouth. The complaint of vomiting and nausea will go away on its own.


There is a problem of vomiting and nausea during travel, so keep these 4 things with you

1. Lemon

The citric acid present in lemon relieves problems like nausea and vomiting. For this, always keep warm water with you, as soon as you feel like vomiting, mix lemon juice and salt in a cup of hot water and drink it. The problem of vomiting will go away in a short time.

2. Fruits and Juices

If you are traveling in a bus or car, then definitely keep fruits and juices with you and keep consuming them from time to time. This will remove the heat in the body and there will be no problem like vomiting. Along with this, the problem of dizziness or nausea will also go away.

3. Ginger

Brings freshness just like ginger, lemon and clove. The antiemetic properties present in it remove the problem of vomiting and dizziness. So if you feel like vomiting during travel, then put a small piece of ginger in your mouth and suck it. After a while you will start feeling better on your own. If there is no problem with onion, then drink ginger juice mixed with onion juice shortly before the journey. The mind will be fine during the journey.

4. Mint

Do not forget to carry mint with you while traveling in the bus or car. Mint keeps the coolness in the stomach and also relaxes the muscles. Mint gives relief from all the problems that occur during the journey. If you want, you can eat mint tablets or you can also drink mint syrup by making it.

It is also necessary to avoid some things

1. Avoid reading books and using mobile

During the journey, if you use mobile or read books, then keep distance from it, because doing so causes dizziness. Look as straight as you can and sit in the front seat. This will remove the problem of vomiting or dizziness during the journey.

There is a problem of vomiting and nausea during travel, so keep these 4 things with you

2. Stay away from junk food

Keep distance from junk food during travel. Eating junk food causes gas and constipation in the stomach. Due to which the problem of vomiting and dizziness increases further. Therefore, keep distance from them as much as possible and keep simple and low-oil food with you. Avoid eating food even while the car is running.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, definitely take medical advice. )

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