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6 Important Teachings of Mahavira

The subsequent factors highlight the 6 important teachings of mahavira. The lessons are: 1. Notion in soul and karma 2. Nirvana three. Non-notion in god 4. Rejection of vedas five. Ahimsa 6. Freedom to women.


6 Important Teachings of Mahavira

Teaching # 1. Belief in soul and karma:

In keeping with mahavira every detail become a aggregate of cloth and non secular factors. While the material factor is perishable, the religious thing is external and always evolving itself. He held that the soul changed into held in a kingdom of bondage because of karma.The soul may be launched from the bondage by means of doing away with passions. He believed that the soul may be eventually liberated handiest through the disintegration of karmik pressure. According to him with the decay of the karmas the intrinsic fee of the soul can be highlighted and the soul shines in complete luminosity. While the soul attains countless greatness it becomes paramatma, the pure soul, with countless know-how, energy and bliss.

Teaching # 2. NirvahnaThe leader item of life in step with maha­vira is to reap salvation. He therefore insisted on warding off evil karmas, prevent all forms of fresh karmas and wreck the prevailing ones. According to him this may be attained through five vows viz., non-damage (ahimsa), speakme reality (satya), non-stealing (asteya), non-adultery (brahmacharya) and non-ownership (aparigraha).Further to taking these five vows he additionally insisted on principles of right behavior, proper faith and right expertise. Right conduct implied a dispassionate attitude in the direction of senses. He said that we need to deal with the sufferings and happiness on identical planks.Proper faith meant perception inside the jinas and proper information meant the knowledge of the eventual liberation. The above vows and princi­ples had been intended for the homeowners. The clergymen and so forth. Needed to observe a extra severe code

Teaching #3. Non-belief in god:

Mahavira did not accept as true with in god nor did he agree with that he created the sector or exercised any personal control over it. In step with him the arena in no way comes to an stop. Irrespective of ends, it definitely changes its form. For the reason that universe is also composed of certain topics it simply changes its form. We honestly discover the impact of the sankhya philosophy as some distance as this principle is worried.Mahavira similarly believed that the emanci­pation of man does no longer rely upon the mercy of any outside autho­rity. The man was the maker of his very own future. While leading a life of austerity and self-mortification man can take away his miseries and sorrows. In step with mahavira the first-rate way to gain salva­tion is through renunciation.

Teaching # four. Rejection of vedas:

Jainism also rejected the idea of the vedas and attached no importance to the sacrificial rituals of the brahmans.

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Teaching # 5. Ahimsa:

Mahavira laid an excessive amount of significance on ahimsa. According to him all creatures, animals, flora, stones, rocks and so on. Own life and one need to no longer do any damage to the other in speech, deed or movement. Even though this precept was no longer completely a brand new one, credit goes to the jains that they popularized it and thereby placed an quit to the practice of numerous styles of sacrifices.

Teaching # 6. Freedom to ladies:

Mahavira favoured the freedom of girls and believed that additionally they had the right to acquire nirvana. In this recognize mahavira accompanied the example of his predecessor, parsva nath. Girls had been allowed within the jain sangha and many ladies became sarmini and sravikas.

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