Which color of ink can prove to be lucky for you?

Do you also use pen everyday? If yes, then know Which color of ink can prove to be lucky for you?

Which color of ink can prove to be lucky for you?

We use pen everyday. People usually use black or blue ink. But there are many other colors in ink, using which not only does your writing look beautiful, but it also affects your luck.

In Hinduism, ink is believed to be associated with Goddess Saraswati. But the color of the ink also affects the movement and position of your planets. We often talk about what is lucky for us and what is unlucky. Ink color can also bring you luck if you know which color of ink will be auspicious for you.

We had a talk on this subject with ludhiana based astrologer.

Panditji explains, ‘Those who work every day have to use pen and ink. Inks come in different colors and these colors affect your life. All colors are associated with some planet. If any planet is weak in the horoscope, then you can rectify the position of the planet by choosing the right color of ink.’


Which color of ink can prove to be lucky for you?

Which color of ink can prove to be lucky for you?

Red ink

Red color represents the Sun and Mars. Anyway red color is associated with power. Perhaps this is the reason why red ink is always used by people who are in power. Talking about the nature of the planet Sun , it is believed that the nature of the Sun is like that of a king.

Therefore, if you feel that there is a decrease in your respect in the workplace or family, then you should use red ink. This color will give you power. Keep in mind that what you are writing in red color should be proper and not done with the intention of causing tremendous harm to anyone.

On the other hand, Mars is the significator of physical energy, self-confidence, ego, strength, anger, impulsiveness and valor. So if you feel weak or feel lack of confidence, then start writing with red ink.

Pandit ji says- ‘Red color also represents anger and ego. So if you are powerful then you should use your power at the right place.

Blue ink

Blue is the color of Saturn. In Hinduism, Shani is called the god of justice. It is also believed that the person who uses this color ink progresses. However, those who use ink of other colors and their Saturn is weak in the horoscope, then they should use a blue colored ink pen only.

Let us tell you that blue color is also the color of Rahu. So use it carefully. This color is so powerful that it hypnotizes itself. Not only this, using blue ink for the wrong reason can also give you fear and anxiety.

Which color of ink can prove to be lucky for you?

Green ink

This is the color of the planet Mercury, the planet Mercury is the factor of speech, intelligence, knowledge, writing, law, commerce, logic and beauty etc. If you are facing problems in any of these areas, then understand that your Mercury is weak. For this you should use a green colored ink pen. The planet Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo . In such a situation, the people of these two zodiac signs should use green color more and more, this color can prove to be lucky for you.

Black ink

People also use black colored ink a lot. This is also the color of Saturn. By the way, this color is not considered very good. But it is said that black color absorbs everything inside itself. If you are using black ink, then take special care not to write any inauspicious word or sentence with it.

Black color is also considered as the color of power. This color makes you expert in logic. If you feel that you are not able to reason well, then definitely use black ink.


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