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Major reasons of increasing divorce in USA

Generally, when a marriage takes place, the couples are considered to be together till death do them part. They’re expected and believed to remain together forever. But lately we could witness many failed marriages. In India, though the speed of divorce is much less than in other countries, especially in comparison to European Countries, it’s increasing at an alarming rate. The concept of ‘Talaaq’ came into existence in India after Muslim rule had taken place & the concept of divorce came into existence after English rule had taken place.  in past 20 years (since globalization has taken place) divorce rate has started increasing very rapidly in USA and is predicted to extend further. There are many Major reasons of increasing divorce in USA


Major reasons of increasing divorce in USA

  • Females in India are becoming financially independent. Earlier the females weren’t well educated and employed, in order that they had to depend on their husband for her various needs of life after their marriage. In such cases some husbands torture or dominate their wives for various reasons (like demand of dowry or other) because they knew that their wives won’t be ready to do anything but to suffer. In such cases wives didn’t have courage to travel for a divorce and had no other option but to suffer for fulfilling of there basic needs of life. Also after getting married it had been tough for a lady to go away the husband and return to parents’ house due to the fear of insult in society and due to financial reasons just like the father of the lady got retired from his profession and her brothers and their wives not willing to support her financially. But in past recent years situation has changed tons. Now the parents are showing interest to educate their daughters and inspire them to travel for a few job or some sort of employment after completing education in order that they don’t need to depend on their husband or anybody else for his or her financial needs or their livelihood after marriage. In such a case a lady can easily revolt her husband and in-laws within the case of any torture. For a lady her first husband today is her job or employment and her education. Women are getting more conscious of their rights and also the govt is using media to boost the notice level of females in some ways. We don’t say that divorce are some things good but if the married life is sort of painful for a few people then divorce are often a far better option.
  • Marriage against the needs of man or woman- one among the main reason for divorce is arranged marriage. When the boy or the girl isn’t willing to get married or not fully prepared to enter married phase of life, conflicts and fights arise affecting both the partners and families. This ultimately results in divorce.
  • Communication in an Indian marriage Bad communication or little or no can impact the wedding in some ways. From not clearly discussing concerns or clarifying each other’s meanings or not asking the proper questions, the wedding may result in suspicion, mistrust and arguments. Repeatedly the small things which will trigger bigger issues. Arguments in any relationship aren’t a nasty thing and may even be healthy. But if they’re happening tons thanks to a scarcity of understanding of every other or intolerance of the one person, then this suggests the wedding is in trouble.
  • Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law conflicts– this is often one among the foremost common reason, especially in India. The maladjustment between a wife with her mother in law or/and sister in law is what spoils the husband-wife relationship. Initially, when a woman gets married, she needs time to adjust within the new environment, also it’s tough for her to change her old habits if her lifestyle and habits aren’t liked by the mother-in-law conflict starts. Also when the boy is married, his mother is usually scared of her daughter in law snatching away his son. this type of environment is what often results in separation of the couples.
  • Cheating and affairs are major contributors to divorce in USA. This issue has grown with the arrival of smartphones and apps providing the power to contact people at a ‘swipe and tap’ of a screen. Cheating on a wedding partner once was done mostly by men but today married Indian women also are engaging in affairs.
  • Sex is a crucial a part of marriage for private intimacy and having a family. With arranged marriages, sex for several Indian couples are often a really anxious time, especially on the first night. For those with little sexual experience, marital expectations can present challenges.
  •  virgin In indian society man want to marry a woman who is virgin. Suspicions and insecurities raises in men if an Indian wife isn’t a virgin.  There are divorces due to virginity tests.
  • In some cases it’s been observed that some parents have made it a business to marry their daughters to some boys of rich families then immediately after marriage they create false case of dowry against boy and his family and apply for divorce so on to extract many rupees from boy and his family within the name of alimony.

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