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Immunity boosting free guided meditation

Everyone wants to boost his immunity as immunity helps us to fight with many diseases. There are many ways of boosting immunity , one of it is meditation.

Do you have answers to following questions

  • Do you think medicines are the solution to all your health problems?
  • Do you think that popping a pill is better than taking preventive measures to keep diseases at bay?
  • Do you know that our body has its own defence mechanism to fight any infections.

And this defence mechanism is called the immune system of our body. And we have immune cells which cater to the building up and maintaing of immune system. The intestine contains the largest number of immune cells than the entire human body. In many cases, immunodeficiency begins with a “communication disorder” in the human intestine. Assuming that 80% of the immune system is in the digestive tract, maintaining a healthy intestine is aimed at maintaining overall health and immunity. When the digestive system functions properly, it acts as a barrier to bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Poor digestion does not leave nutrients that support the immune function and body function. Food supplements containing enzymes and probiotics can help maintain digestion and strengthen immunity. The human body produces its own enzymes, and about half of the total production of enzymes in the body is used for digestion. Because the body provides digestion with high priority, an inappropriate digestive system that lacks enzymes “steals” enzymes from the immune system.Stress and all emotions that are not good like anger anxiety jealousy which can cause frustration and irritation leads to decrease the functioning of immune system. Hence we face number of health issues.

Immunity boosting free guided meditation

Immunity boosting free guided meditation


One of the easy technique which can build our immune system is through meditation.This free guided meditation is about activating and boosting our immnune system. We are endowed with a natural defence mechanism within our body and we can programme it to be active and healthy by communicating to our subconscious mind.

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