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How to Release Fear Meditation By Dr. Vidhu Jain

Fear is a powerful and primitive emotion which sometimes guards us from danger but when not kept in check can hamper our normal life. It is looming in uncertainty. Fear depletes our energy and leads to the secretion of various toxic hoormones in our body. It also makes us vulnerable to various illnesses like weak digestion, acidity, knee problems, palpitations, difficulty in breathing, suffocation to name a few. What usually happens is that when issues underlying fear are not attended to or sorted then they may take the shape of fear as a covering. But under this covering is a mass of other issues which needs to be given attention.

If one finds it difficult to handle one’s fear and able to cope up with it then it is better to seek professional help. These days various intervention techniques and therapies are able to help people overcome their fears. One should better take help in dealing with ones fears than pushing back ones growth. It is wise to learn to overcome fear rather than be scared and just keep on living with it.

With this meditation we can release our fears by understanding and supporting our need. We can uplift our inner soul by realizing our fear. We can think freely if we have no fear. Fear can even stop us from taking wise decisions. This meditation can help you to clear up yourself from fear so that you can lead a fearless and happy life and enjoy this beautiful gift of life given by god.


Try this free guided meditation to release fear by Dr. Vidhu Jain and grow emotionally and mentally.

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