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12 Simple Spiritual Herbal Teas for Awakening Intuition, Activating Higher Consciousness, and Deep Healing

People have been peering into their teacups for answers in the tea leaves for millennia. The spiritual force of these beverages and herbs has always been present. You are allowing yourself to go within when you brew yourself a calming cup of herbal tea. You start to hear the voice of your intuition as you soften your thinking. In this article you will come to know about 12 Simple Spiritual Herbal Teas for Awakening Intuition, Activating Higher Consciousness, and Deep Healing

12 Simple Spiritual Herbal Teas for Awakening Intuition, Activating Higher Consciousness, and Deep Healing

Making Spiritual Tea is an Art Form

Many people in today’s convenience-driven society simply grab a tea bag and place it in a cup of boiling water. It’s actually simply flavoured water in this instant tea. You should spend some time producing a therapeutic herbal infusion if you want to reap all of the spiritual benefits it has to offer.

Tea should be served in a closed vessel, such as a teapot or a cup with a little saucer on top to act as a lid. When you brew tea in this manner, the lovely fragrant qualities are allowed to recirculate back into the beverage. Do you remember the energising scent of peppermint tea? That’s the majority of the spiritually healing herbal oils floating around in the air. The steam condenses back into the infusion if you boil it in a teapot or cup with a lid.

Most herbal teas should be brewed for at least five minutes in boiling water to get the most spiritual value out of them. Allow the tea to steep for longer to create a more strong spiritually energising herbal infusion. One teaspoon of herb per cup of water, plus one more for the teapot, is a good rule of thumb. So, if your teapot holds two cups of water, three teaspoons of herb would be added.

12 Simple Spiritual Herbal Teas for Awakening Intuition, Activating Higher Consciousness, and Deep Healing

1. Calendula

Calendula is a spiritual herb that can help you heal and activate your natural healing talents. When you consume calendula, you become a strong healer. This tea heals your aura and protects you energetically.

2. Fennel

Sugar cravings can be reduced by drinking fennel tea (prepared from the seeds). It gives you a “pat on the back” energetically. As a healer or reader, you may be more concerned with helping others than with taking care of yourself. You recall that it’s alright to take a break every now and then by drinking this herbal, spiritually boosting infusion. You can unwind, take a day off, and simply appreciate life.

3. Ginger

Anger and fury are released by drinking ginger tea. It aids in the release of bitterness and envy, allowing you to achieve a state of contentment and harmony.

4. Hibiscus

Hibiscus tea infusion is a beautiful ruby colour. It makes it possible for you to accept your sensitive side. Remember that sensitivity is a strength, not a flaw! You’ll be able to tell when you should move on much more simply if you can pick up on the subtle vibes around you. Hibiscus is a spiritual plant that brings you and your loved ones closer together. It fosters forgiveness and heals old hurts.

5. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a lesser-known spiritual herb that prevents procrastination and distractions. If you’re having trouble getting something done and making a lot of reasons not to, lemongrass tea is for you! It gives you a sense of direction so you can get to work. It also demonstrates the significant value that performing this work will provide to both you and others. Lemongrass helps you focus and prevents others from interfering with your crucial work.

6. Lavender

Lavender is a well-known spiritually revitalising herb that calms the mind and silences the ego. It’s particularly lovely before a meditation since it resonates with the third-eye chakra, which is your clairvoyance centre. Psychic visions and intuitive insights are evoked as a result of this. Lavender promotes a greater spiritual awareness. This herb can help you overcome any anxieties you may have about using your spiritual gifts.

7. Nettle tea

When you’re tired and depleted, nettle tea can help. It’s a nutrient-dense infusion that physically benefits your body. It provides energetic protection while allowing you to rest. You discover new methods to deal with events as your body and mind refresh. You won’t have to repeat the lessons learned in your current position if you understand them.

8. Peppermint

Peppermint is a common but powerful spiritual herb that can assist drive and inspire you, as well as provide you with fresh creative ideas for achieving your goals. It helps you gain confidence and self-esteem by clearing and balancing the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

9. Thyme

Another spiritual herb you may not have thought brewing is thyme. This tea helps you talk and write with passion and purpose by opening up your communication centres and resonating with the throat chakra. Try thyme tea if you’re having trouble expressing yourself.

10. Rose

Rose tea is a sacred spiritual herb that helps you open your heart. Compassion, understanding, healing, and, of course, love are all drawn to it. When you drink this tea, you become acutely conscious of your speech patterns. Every word you say will be infused with the essence of love. All of your messages will be positive and focused on healing. You’ll discover that you don’t have time for rumours or negativity. Instead, you will become an inspiration to those around you, who will wonder why you are so calm and then desire to follow in your footsteps.


Rosemary isn’t the first herb that comes to mind when thinking of tea. The flavour is just what you’d anticipate, but the energy is stunning! Rosemary is particularly fond of the head. It helps with concentration by clearing undesirable thoughts, lifting negative thinking in favour of a happy mindset. Rosemary is a fantastic spiritual plant to keep on hand since it resonates with the third eye chakra and relieves pressure surrounding your spiritual path. Allow yourself to enjoy this great experience and avoid setting any unrealistic deadlines.


Saffron tea conjures up images of luxury and royalty. Saffron is also the world’s most costly herb. Thankfully, only a small amount is required to brew a potent spiritually activating tea. To a cup of boiling water, add five to ten good grade saffron threads (pieces of the crocus pistil). Allow for a minimum of 10 minutes of steeping time to allow the saffron to properly absorb the water. Saffron has been demonstrated in studies to aid with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and sadness. Spiritually, saffron allows you to learn deep, esoteric concepts by unlocking the mysteries of the Universe. It links you to God and activates and clears all of your energy centres, making it an essential spiritual herb.

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