Why We Should Not Gossip

There are endless reason “why we should not gossip ?”but in spite of that people enjoy gossiping a lot. In spite of knowing that gossiping is bad people still do. It is Great Barrier to Unity.

We do gossip because we are celebrating our weaknesses


Fear is a part of infection of sin – people perceive because they feel insecure and want to be valued be important, be special, be recognised as worthwhile so they bring tales to ingratiate themselves with others.

We have all been victims of gossiping, yet still turn around and gossip about others. It is a vicious cycle and it needs to stop.

Some reasons why we should not gossip

1. Ego

People gossip because they want to satisfy their ego. People generally gossip about weaknesses of others or any but in reality not discussing about the weaknesses of others but hiding their own weaknesses. They feel good about discussing about their weaknesses and satisfying their own ego that someone is more weaker than them.

2. Reputation

Gossip ruins other persons reputation. While gossiping people spread rumours about someone, which can ruin their career and their relationships.


3. Entertainment

Human beings always want entertainment one of the entertainment is gossiping. People generally gossip when they are in a group or a social gathering. While gossiping people make fun of others, crack jokes on each other and make fun of their appearance and attires. People who gossip really enjoy saying about others.

4. Lose trust

Person who is in a habit of gossiping people do not trust him. People pull away from him. People who gossip are fake people. They exaggerate to make stories and gossip about others. No one wants to be in a company of fake people.

5. Hurt someone

Really hurt someone it can make someone cry by hurting him emotionally and mentally. Even gossiping can lead someone to depression because by gossiping we don’t see that we are touching someone sensitive and personal issues and make everything publicly announce which they don’t want to be public. While gossiping we do not see other perspective as we are busy our perspective.


6. Spreads negative

gossiping we are saying ill about others or gossiping about negative aspects of others thus spreading negativity

Now the question is gossiping is not good that is fine but how we can stop gossiping ?


we should ask gossipier certain questions when he starts gossiping

  • Why did you tell me this?
  • What is your motive ?
  • Why are you spreading negativity about others ?
  • Do you know the reality of that person ?
  • Do you know why he reacted like this in such situations ? Etc

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