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Easy Tips And Exercises For The Maintenance Of Eyes

Just as the whole universe is seen in the light of the sun, likewise, the whole world is seen with the eyes. Eyes, therefore, are an element of the sun in the body. Beauty, emotion and attraction lie in the eye. It is, therefore, of prime importance to keep the eyes neat and healthy Eyes are the guiding star of the success in life Healthy eyesight alone will guide where to keep the foot. For the maintenance of a healthy eyesight, some useful and Easy Tips And Exercises For The Maintenance Of Eyes are given below
Easy Tips And Exercises For The Maintenance Of Eyes

Easy Tips For The Maintenance Of Eyes

  1. A clear vision and healthy eyesight are a must for the attainment of peace and tranquillity of mind.
  2. Wash the eyes with cold water with the help of an eye-wash-cup twice a day in the morning and evening. Washing of eyes with rose-water (गुलाब जल) and triphala water is very beneficial.
  3. Protect the eyes from extreme light or extreme sunlight.
  4. While reading the book, it should be at a distance of one and a half feet from the eyes.
  5. While watching a TV programme or a film in the cinema hall for a longer duration of time, one should do palming or blinking exercises at brief intervals.
  6. Constantly gazing at greenery not only gives relief from fatigue, but also enhances the vision of the eyes.
  7. It is always useful to walk on the dewy grass and washing the toe with cold water.
  8. The practice of Tratak is quite helpful for a healthy eyesight.
  9. Stand up and keep the feet apart. Start swinging left and right without moving the feet.
  10. Do not read in dim light or in a moving bus or lying on the back.
  11. Eyes remain healthy by cultivating the habit of waking up at early dawn.
  12. The lustre of the eyes remains intact by the use of Vitamin ‘A’ in the meals. It is, therefore, necessary to take a sufficient quantity of carrots, sprouted (Ra) cereals, green vegetables, sweet fruits and milk which contain a lot of vitamin ‘A’.

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Practice such eye-movements as have a deep impact on the bony orbit, eye pupils and their connected muscles, Retina, Sclera, Comea, Pupil, Optic Nerve, etc. and our eyesight will definitely improve if the different parts of the eye are kept neat and clean.

Easy Tips And Exercises For The Maintenance Of Eyes

Eye movements

A) Vertical (लम्बवत गति)

Sit in Padmasan or any other meditative pose, keep the neck and spine straight with the hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra pose. Open the eyes. Now moving the pupils up look at the central point between the eye-brows where sacred mark (Tilak or Bindi) is put. Then look down on the tip of the nose. Thereafter, without moving the neck, go on moving the pupils up and down simultaneously, first slowly and then briskly 15 times. Close the eyes gently to provide rest.

B) Horizontal (क्षैतिज गति)

Open the eyes. Now move the eye pupils towards the right and left side 15 times without moving the neck. In order to make this movement effective, you should practice this in such a way as if the pupils are looking at the left and the right ear. It will help in determining the distance between the left and the right points. First move the eye-pupils slowly and afterwards briskly 15 times and then, close the eyes gently to provide rest.

C) Circular (गोलाकार गति)

Open the eyes. Like the needles of a watch, rotate the eye-balls in a circular movement 15 times. Keep the neck straight. Close your eyes gently and take rest.

Open the eyes again. Rotate the eyes anti clock-wise in the reverse direction for 15 times. Close the eyes to provide rest.

When mastery is attained over this practice on either side, rotate the eyes simultaneously one after the other on both sides.

D) Blinking (पलक झपकाना)

Blink your eyes 100 times and after that close your eyes gently.

E) Palming (आंखों का ढकना)

Fold the palms in the shape of a cup. Put them gently on the eyes in such a way that the eyes are fully covered. Fingers of the right hand should be placed on the fingers of the left hand. The position of the hands should be such that no light from outside comes inside. Keep the eyes gently closed and imagine a dark room. Stay in the posture for 30 seconds and extend it to one minute. This provides great rest to the eyes, increases the eyesight and will never get fatigued. Whenever feeling of tiredness comes during day, practise palming. It will provide relief to the eyes.

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