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10 Popular Desi Products Owned by Foreign Brands, From Kurkure to Maggi

When you encounter a particular brand for an extended period of time, you can’t help but think it’s Indian. So, today, we’re debunking some prevalent fallacies about Indian brands that are owned by foreign corporations.

10 Popular Desi Products Owned by Foreign Brands, From Kurkure to Maggi

10 Popular Desi Products Owned by Foreign Brands, From Kurkure to Maggi

Harpic and Dettol

Have you ever come across an Indian home without a Dettol or Hapric product? I haven’t done so. It’s a popular misconception that cleaning supplies are manufactured in India. Reckitt Benckiser, a British firm, actually owns them. Both brands were first presented by the corporation in 1933.


This spicy chatpata snack is one-of-a-kind. Remember when we were youngsters and there was a rumour that it was made of plastic? LOL. Kurkure, however, is not Indian, even though it has a desi flavour. PepsiCo, an American corporation, owns the brand. Lays and Uncle Chipps are also owned by PepsiCo.

Indian Motorcycle

The name is merely a ruse. Indian Motorcycle was formed in 1901 in the United States. Native Americans are referred to by the moniker.


When you think of analogue photography, Kodak comes to mind. The company was established in 1888. Kodak is an American corporation that makes photographic products, contrary to popular belief.

Star TV

Walt Disney Studios owns Star TV Star India, which includes stations like Star Plus and Star Gold (on which our mothers used to watch soap operas). Hutchison Whampoa and Li Ka-Shing formed the company in 1990 as a joint venture. However, after changing ownership, The Walt Disney Company purchased it in 2017. My life feels like a lie all of a sudden.

Bata Shoes

Who’d have guessed Bata Shoes, the well-known footwear brand, isn’t Indian? I’ve always sported their chappals. It is a Czech Republic-based family business owned by the Batas.


Indians and Maggi have a love storey that could definitely be made into a film. We’re enamoured with it and believe it is ours. Maggi, on the other hand, is owned by Nestle, a large Swiss corporation. Nestle also owns Milkybar, Milkmaid, Nescafe, and other brands.

Taj Mahal Chai, Vim, Vaseline

Hindustan Unilever Limited owns most of the brands we use in our home, including Vaseline, Vim, Ponds, Kissan, Lux, and others. The name is a misnomer; it belongs to Unilever, a multinational corporation based in the United States.


Knorr is owned by the German arm of the American company Unilever, and is known for soups such Chicken Sweet Corn.


It is undeniable that everyone adores Maaza. While the mango drink was first introduced in India in 1976, it was purchased by the American Coca-Cola Company in 1993 from Parle Bisleri. Limca, Citra, Thums Up, and Gold Spot were also acquired by the business.

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