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We found 7 foods that are a treasure trove of vitamin C for you, know their benefits here

Vitamin C is the most important nutrient in boosting immunity. At a time when lemons are facing inflation, you can get your supply of vitamin C from these foods. We found 7 foods that are a treasure trove of vitamin C for you, know their benefits here

Vitamin C is an essential element in the diet of women. It not only keeps their immunity strong, but it is also very beneficial for the skin. And when you need to include vitamin C in your diet, the first thing you turn to is lemon. But these days the lemon case is incomprehensible. Therefore, for your immunity and skin glow, we are telling about those 7 foods, which are a treasure trove of vitamin C for you.

Why is Vitamin C Important?

The outbreak of dehydration, fever and many seasonal diseases starts spreading rapidly during the summer season. Due to which our immunity against them weakens. On the other hand, the scorching sun spoils the complexion of our skin. In such a situation, we have to take the help of Vitamin C to boost our immunity and get the glow of the skin again. We know very well that our body is unable to manufacture vitamins in abundance. That’s why we look for various foods like lemon that can easily compensate for it from outside.

We found 7 foods that are a treasure trove of vitamin C for you, know their benefits here

1 Amla

Using gooseberry can be a better option to meet the demand of vitamin C when lemon is not available. It is rich in Vitamin C. About 600 mg of Vitamin C is available from 100 grams of Amla. It is used in many ways. Amla can be used in pickles, marmalade, ice cream and in other ways.

2 Amchur Powder

It is also a better substitute for Vitamin C. which is easily available. Amchur powder is prepared from the pulpy part of raw mango. It is generally sour in taste. People use it in many dishes. Amchur powder can also be prepared at home. About three percent of the quantity of this powder used is vitamin C.

amchur me bhi vitamic c hota hai

3 Tamarind

Tamarind is known for its unmatched taste. Women like it very much and why not do it, which protects them. Yes, it works to keep the uterus strong. Usually people use it to make spicy chutney. We get about 5 mg of vitamin C from 100 grams of tamarind.

Emli khane se bhi milta hai vitamic c

4 Guava

Guava is the favorite fruit of many people. Which is usually found in people’s homes and rural areas. Vitamin C is found in abundance from this fruit. By consuming 100 grams of guava, our body gets about 212 mg of vitamin C.

5 capsicum

People usually use capsicum as a vegetable, soup. We get to see it in red, yellow and mostly green. We can get enough vitamin C from this chili. By consuming 100 grams of capsicum, we can get about 137 mg of vitamin C.

6 Cabbage

If we do not get lemon, we can also use cabbage to get vitamin C. Cabbage is easily available in the markets these days. It is commonly used for salads and vegetables. By consuming 100 grams of cabbage or cabbage, our body gets about 124 mg of vitamin C.

7 Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is used as a vegetable. It is bitter in taste, but is very beneficial for health. People suffering from diabetes are generally advised to eat it. By consuming 100 grams of bitter gourd, we get about 96 mg of vitamin C.

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