The Most Love Making King Of The Country Secrets who spend nights with 365 queens

Now democracy reigns in India and the people choose their own leader. Here people choose their leader through elections, but in the history of India, there were many kings-maharajas, who used to have their own kingdom and where they used to rule. Some of these kings and maharajas used to win the

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Major reasons of increasing divorce in USA

Generally, when a marriage takes place, the couples are considered to be together till death do them part. They’re expected and believed to remain together forever. But lately we could witness many failed marriages. In India, though the speed of divorce is much less than in other countries, especially in

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Things Foreigners Don’t Believe Till They Come To India

The exotic landscapes and the captivating culture have evoked much fascination about India, across the world. It is no wonder that many travelers expect to witness the quintessential ‘land of snake-charmers and mystics’ while traveling to India. Well, needless to mention, they are certainly in for some big surprises. As