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Things Foreigners Don’t Believe Till They Come To India

The exotic landscapes and the captivating culture have evoked much fascination about India, across the world. It is no wonder that many travelers expect to witness the quintessential ‘land of snake-charmers and mystics’ while traveling to India. Well, needless to mention, they are certainly in for some big surprises.

As with any other country, India too has evolved much over the past few decades. Embracing the spirit of modernity and globalization, we have also managed to uphold our timeless traditions and cultural diversity to a large extent. So naturally, much of what may have been true some years ago, has changed.
Here’s a list of 10 such things about India that foreign travelers are surprised to find out after actually visiting India.

Things Foreigners Don’t Believe Till They Come To India

Arranged Marriages Work Amazingly Well

Generations of happily-married Indian couples are a definite proof of this. The concept of an arranged marriage, which is so common in India, may seem quite strange to foreigners. But to their surprise, they find that most couples they interact with have had arranged marriages, which last a lifetime.

McDonald’s India has a Vegetarian Menu

McDonalds” is a household name in almost every part of the world. And yet, not many outside India may have heard of McAloo Tikki or McSpicy Paneer burgers. Well, that’s because these are some of the items available on the popular food chain’s vegetarian menu, an exclusive offering for the Indian market.

Not Every City is Hot and Humid

Indian summers are legendary for the extremely high temperatures. Travelers visiting during this season expect to be soaked in sweat. While that is certainly true for cities like Mumbai, Varanasi, or Chennai, it is not universally applicable. So, much to their amazement and relief, foreign travelers find that many cities like Ooty, Manali, and Shimla have a cool weather, even during the hottest of summers.

 Cricket is a Religion

From dismayed sighs to deafening cheers, to anxious silences, all kinds of dramatic reactions are to be expected during a cricket match in India. It is certainly not something Indians take lightly. The sheer love and devotion for this sport never cease to surprise foreigners. Whether it is being played in a huge stadium by world-class players or in a narrow lane by excited school-going children, cricket is indeed a religion in India.

Indians Are NOT Poor.

How many times do we need to put our best examples out there to conquer the world until they understand we CAN beat their asses? We don’t deny, poverty is a very real issue in our country and needs to be dealt with, but to generalize poverty on the whole country is just plain stupid. Tatas, Birlas, and Ambanis are the living examples of that.

Hindi is NOT the national language of India.

Even though a whole lot of us converse in Hindi, there is no one national language of our Country. With 29 states, and 7 union territories the languages go over 700 in number, but there are 122 that are mostly used and 23 out of those are the national languages of our country. There are parts of this country that do not understand a single word of Hindi. At least get your facts right, kids.

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