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Dangerous Fruits Combinations: This Deadly Combination Of Fruits Dangerous For Health, Know The Side Effects Now

Dangerous Fruits Combinations: This Deadly Combination Of Fruits Dangerous For Health, Know The Side Effects Now

It is true that eating fruits has many great benefits for our body. Fruits work to give longevity by fulfilling the deficiency of minerals and vitamins in our body. But do you know that some combinations of fruits are also harmful for our health. Doctors say that one should never make the mistake of eating some fruits together.

Dangerous Fruits Combinations: This Deadly Combination Of Fruits Dangerous For Health, Know The Side Effects Now

Papaya and Lemon – Doctors consider papaya and lemon to be a deadliest combination. Together these two things can promote the problem related to hemoglobin in the blood. At the same time, this combination can also trigger problems related to anemia (a disease caused by anemia).

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Orange and Carrot – Similarly we should avoid eating orange and carrot together. This can trigger kidney related problems in the body. The combination of orange and carrot is also believed to be responsible for heartburn and problems related to bile.

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Guava and Banana – If you are making the mistake of eating guava and banana together, then be careful. Doctors say that eating these two fruits together can cause gas problems in the stomach. The problem of gas will also work to increase the headache along with the stomach.

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Pomegranate and Apricot – Both pomegranate and apricots are high sugar and protein rich things. Doctors say that eating them together can increase the problem of acidity, indigestion and heartburn in the stomach. Also, the high sugar present in them works to kill the enzymes in the body that digest proteins.

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Banana and Pudding – Doctors say that the combination of pudding with banana works to produce toxins in the body. Consuming this can cause a feeling of heaviness in the stomach for a long time. Therefore, this fruit combination should not be given to children.

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Orange and milk – Drinking milk with orange can also be dangerous for health. The acid present in oranges destroys the enzymes in the body that digest starch. Not only this, consuming it with milk works to make mucus in the chest.

Pineapple and milk – Compound named bromelain in pineapple can cause great harm to the body when combined with milk. With the combination of pineapple and milk, you may have to go through the problem of gas, nausea, infection, headache and stomachache.

Fruits and sweets – The festival of Raksha Bandhan is about to come and on this day people eat fruits and sweets fiercely. But do you know that doctors recommend not to eat sweets with fruits. The combination of sweets and fruits harms our digestion. This can increase problems like acidity, headache or nausea.

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Vegetables and fruits – Similarly we should not consume vegetables and fruits together. Actually, there is a lot of sugar content in fruits, which becomes difficult for the body to digest along with vegetables. Many types of toxins are released due to lying in their stomach for a long time, which later cause diarrhea, headache, stomachache or infection.

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