6 budget friendly countries where the trip will be settled cheaply

Budget is becoming a problem in foreign travel, so here are 6 budget friendly countries where the trip will be settled cheaply


Although everyone has the desire to travel abroad, but thinking about the expenses incurred in the foreign tour, the mind is controlled and many Indians put a full stop before going on a foreign tour. But there are some countries where you can travel while staying within your budget.

The countries around India are no less beautiful, the tourist places of our neighboring countries can also surprise you. You will be surprised to know that you may not need to loosen your pocket much to travel in these countries. So let’s know about those budget friendly foreign trips-

6 budget friendly countries where the trip will be settled cheaply

1. Nepal

This foreign trip can be special for you because visa is not required here but passport is a must. Travelers from many countries come here to see the snow cover, beautiful temple, Everest peak, hill station, Bardia National Park, Patan Boghnath Stupa, Garden of Dreams and world famous Pashupatinath Temple. You can also become a foreign tourist here at a low cost. By the way, if you want to go to Nepal, you can reach Nepal by traveling by road instead of flight.



2. Bhutan

Nestled in the lap of nature, this neighboring country is known for its pure environment and culture. Here you will love to visit Kechu Lhakhang, Paro, Tiger Nest and Buddhist Monastery. Traveling here is very economical. During the journey, only 5 thousand rupees are spent per day in Bhutan.


3. Sri Lanka

This country is famous for its culture, sea beach and sea food. Travelers from India visit here a lot. Only 7 thousand rupees per day is spent here per passenger. In Sri Lanka you can visit Yapuhwa Rock Fort, Jaffna Fort, Sri Mahabodhi Sthal, Sigiriya Rock Fort.


4. Maldives


Going for Marine Adventures in Maldives in a low budget is a win-win deal. This country is completely dependent on the tourism industry. You can enjoy countless adventures related to the sea here. Compared to the European country, very less money is spent here.


5. Thailand

If calm environment, sea beaches and historical sites are your thing then a trip to this country will not disappoint you. The world’s largest temple i.e. the temple of Ankorwat is here. There is a crowd of Hindu devotees to see this. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.


6. Singapore

Modern lifestyle, high-rise skyscrapers and dazzling views are the identity of Singapore. Travelers who wish to shop in the modern shopping mall can visit here.

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