A Fabulous 5-Day Itinerary For Visiting Lisbon With Kids

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through one of Europe’s most picturesque cities with this 5-day itinerary for visiting Lisbon with kids! Portugal’s lively and hilly capital is a fantastic family vacation destination. With its rolling streets, rich history, and kid-friendly museums, there’s a lot to appeal to all ages. Enjoy a mix of old and new as kids can get a feel for the history and the beauty of modern times as well. Exploring Lisbon with kids is an exhilarating treat to see a special part of Portugal through kids’ eyes. Trolleys run along the main streets mixed with the charm of the small side streets to explore, making this city a unique adventure for your family. Using this family-friendly Lisbon 2-day to 5-day itinerary will help you uniquely experience the city and learn about many of the unique things to do in Lisbon with kids.

Arriving in Lisbon with Kids

A city view of Lisbon with the river in the distance.Photo Courtesy: Visit Lisbon

When traveling to Lisbon, it is important to know what to expect upon arrival in a new county and city. If flying, you will arrive at the Lisbon Airport (LIS) – Humberto Delgado Airport, which is a short 10-30 minutes from the downtown area, depending on which form of transportation you choose.

The metro and bus, free using the Lisbon Card once activated, are the most cost-effective way to get to your hotel. Other options include taxi or ride share, which may save you 10-15 minutes. Using public transportation, even when traveling to Lisbon with kids, is the best way to explore the city. It’s quick, easy, and less of a hassle than having a car in the city.

Navigating the narrow streets can be challenging with the various one-ways and tight turns, as well as navigating with the various trams in the city, so I highly recommend opting for public transportation instead of renting a car. Pick up a car rental to further explore Portugal if you have more time, on your way out of the city after completing your list of things to do in Lisbon.

Upon arrival, gain your bearings, as you study the metro map and the various neighborhoods to familiarize yourself with the city. Once you arrive at Lisbon International Airport, the tourist office is just outside the arrivals area. Pick up a city map as well as purchase your Lisbon Card there. There are a few options for the Lisbon Card, a 24-hour option, a 36-hour option, and the 72-hour option for various rates. The metro station is just outside of the airport to catch your first metro ride into the city center.

Tips for Visiting Lisbon with Kids

Before we discuss our itinerary for visiting Lisbon with kids, here are a few tips to know before you go!


ATMs and Exchanging Money

A view down a historic street in Lisbon.Photo Courtesy; Visit Lisbon

Should you need money upon your arrival, only use the ATMs called Multi Banco. Always reject the suggested exchange rate, twice, and you will get the best rates without the fees. Avoid the blue and yellow Euronet ATMs when traveling in Lisbon, as they charge exorbitant service fees and exchange rates. Also, when making purchases, always use the local currency of Euros when using a credit card and use credit and debit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees. This will help you save money on your family-friendly Lisbon trip with kids.

Be sure to travel with your travel-friendly credit card. Most places accept credit cards, and it is the best way to get a good exchange rate if you have a card that doesn’t charge extra fees. When using your credit card, be sure to select the local currency of Euros as the payment choice. Each locale will give you the choice of Euro or Dollar for each charge made. Selecting the local currency will allow for the rate to be calculated by your bank without any extra charges.

Lisbon Card

A hand holds out a Lisboa Card in front of a Lisbon metro map, a helpful thing to have on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

I highly recommend using the Lisbon Card during your visit to Lisbon with kids. Please note, the city refers to this as the Lisboa CardThis is a smart addition to your travels in Lisbon as it will help you save on your travel costs within the city. And, with many excursions outside of the city, as well as provide free or reduced admission to many museums and the aquarium.


Is Lisbon Stroller-Friendly?

A dad carrying his son on his back in a yellow backpack walks up a flight of outdoor stairs in Lisbon.Photo Courtesy: Blaire Hoffman

If you’re planning to spend quality time with your little ones, a 5-Day itinerary for visiting Lisbon with kids is an excellent choice. However, there’s one aspect you need to consider before hitting the charming streets of Portugal’s capital city: its steep hills. Unfortunately, despite being a family-friendly destination full of cultural attractions and beautiful parks that kids will love, Lisbon isn’t stroller-friendly. This is due to its many slopes and uneven sidewalks. Therefore, it would be best if you bring a baby carrier or backpack instead of a stroller when traveling with babies or toddlers. Metro stairs can also be a bit cumbersome, though you will find elevators in most of them.

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