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How to clean face: Women make these mistakes during face wash, know the right way to clean face

Somewhere, you do not make these mistakes while using face wash, know how to clean the face

Facewash is very important to keep the face clean. Along with cleansing the skin, face wash also helps in improving the complexion. But most of the women make many mistakes while doing face wash, which can be heavy on their skin. At the same time, you do not even get the full benefit of face wash. Let us know what mistakes women make during face wash


How to clean face: Women make these mistakes during face wash, know the right way to clean face

Mistakes made by women during face wash
When women make these mistakes during face wash , they may have to face the consequences. In which the skin can become unhealthy. Let us know about the mistakes made during these face washes.

  1. Most of the women start applying face wash directly on the face by taking it on the palm. But this facewash mistake can be harmful. Because, most of the women use makeup, lipstick and kajal. Which should be removed with the help of remover before facewash. Otherwise, women may have to face problems like skin allergy, itching, burning in the eyes etc.
  2. Some women start doing face wash after removing makeup. But this too is a facewash mistake. Because after removing makeup with makeup remover, you should first wash the face with clean water.
  3. At the same time, some women make another mistake during face wash. That is, after the face wash, she just wipes the face and then applies moisturizer afterwards. Whereas, after washing the face, wipe the face immediately and apply skin toner and then apply moisturizer. Due to this, the skin of the face of women will not become loose and the skin pores will remain tight.

How to clean face

  • First remove makeup and wash face with clean water.
  • After this, keep the face wash in the palm and rub it with both the palms.
  • Now apply the face wash on the face and massage it in circular motion
  • After this wash the face with clean water and apply skin toner and moisturizer.

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