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Tasty Summer special Custard drink recipe

In this summer season you all want to have different different drinks. I am here with very simple and easy custard drink recipe.


  • 2 cups or ½ litre full cream milk
  • 2 tbsp custard powder
  • 3 tbsp cold milk
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • Limca


  • firstly, during a thick bottomed pan add milk.
  • stir occasionally and obtain the milk to boil.
  • meanwhile, during a bowl take 2 tbsp of custard powder. I even have used vanilla flavour custard powder.
  • and add 3-4 tbsp of milk and blend well.
  • stir continuously, ensuring there are not any lumps formed in it.
  • once the milk has boiled, close up the flame and pour the prepared custard mixture into it.
  • also add sugar. adjust the quantity of sugar if trying to find more sweeter custard.
  • mix continuously, keeping the flame on low.
  • the milk changes colour to dark yellow.
  • furthermore, it thickens slightly. adjust the consistency by cooking for while.
  • transfer to alittle bowl and funky completely.
  • When it’s cooled, put the custard during a blender and blend it so no lumps are there
  • Now take a glass, fill half glass with the blended custard
  • Add Limca and ice
  • stir well and serve chilled

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