How to achieve success in exams

As the exams close in, students tend to become more and more tense and worried. But they should not be worried at all. They should have full faith in their own efforts and prepare for the exams while keeping calm and cheerfull. They should always be confident of their success and should know How to achieve success in exams. For that they must keep in mind the following things:

How to achieve success in exams

  1. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. For this, they should keep a balanced diet of brain foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, balanced with protiens and healthy fats to fuel their mind.
  1. They should regularly practice yog or excercise along with their studies. It increases blood flow to the brain which can give them more energy and better comprehension. Bhramari Pranayam and Tratak also improve concentration and memory.
  2. Time management is very essential for success by planning their study sessions, eliminating distractions and revising the study material in stages to fully absorb information in real understanding, will put them in best position on exam day.
  3. For every 40 minutes you study, take a short 10-15 minutes break to recharge and for that,standup, stretch your body and get some fresh air.
  4. Learn by teaching others, explaining concepts to a classmate is a great way to understand the material yourself and to help him/her learn as well.
  1. The students should not waste their time on watching T.V. and useless videos on mobile, otherwise they may ruin their lives. One should prudently utilize one’s time and ability in worthwhile pursuits and activities such as sports, music and art.
  2. Do not study till late in the night. The practice of getting up early in the morning and studying after bath, yog and meditation greatly helps in quick learning. So, by following the above tips sincerely and regularly, students will certainly achieve success in exams.

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