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Benefits Of Yog For Seniors

Yog is the secret to ageing gracefuly. We are not too old for Yog. If one thinks that he is ‘too old’ to do yog, he should think again. Yog is ageless and reaches millions of people of all ages, walks of life and body types. One of the most important benefits of regular yog practice for seniors is that it helps to reclaim autonomy by offering greater mobility and energy. But there are many other benefits of YOG for Seniors, Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Yog increases our Physical, Mental and spiritual powers. Yog can benefit your mind and your body at any age. Yog can be practised anywhere, anytime.

Benefits Of Yog For Seniors

Benefits of yog for seniors

There are many under noted health benefits of yog for Seniors:

Benefits of movement – Without strain Yog can be an excellent low-impact exercise options that’s easier on the body than activities like running or weight-lifting. Yog helps people to integrate an exercise program into their routine without some of the downfalls that one can easily come across in different training systems. Yog does offer strength training because you use the weight of your own body in many of the postures. But unlike regular strength training, you’re not adding any weight. you’re less likely to get injured.

Increases Flexibility- The gentle stretching of yog poses can go a long way in helping you develop greater flexibility, which can ensure that you can maintain a good range of motion as you get older. Yog exercises parts of the body that may not be exercised in any other program.

Promotes Relaxation – Engaging in regular exercise can boost mental health. However, yog has specific benefits for seniors because it helps them practice mindfulness.

Yog can Relieve Menopausal Discomfort – Certain Yog postures can also help ease the hormonal fluctuation of menopause.

Promotes Good Bone Health: A gentle yog practice is not only safe for those with osteoporosis, but it can also be effective in preventing and slowing bone density loss. Whether you are looking to prevent osteoporosis or to relieve pain from an existing bone condition or fracture, gentle twisting poses and stretches can be beneficial.

Yog Keeps the Mind Sharp: Taking quite time out for yourself through a weekly or daily yog practice, can help relieve stress and keep you centred and energized. The fact is that when your body functions better, you are going to feel better, you will have more energy, more vitality. Regular yog practice helps even out one’s bad thoughts and feelings. By practicing yog for 20 30 minutes a day on daily basis or every other day, seniors can immediately feel their moods change and their body feels fit.

Facilitates Deeper Breathing– During yog practice, one will be encouraged to breathe a special way through each pose, which involves deep breathing that sends oxygen throughout the body. The increased respiration helps seniors to enjoy a greater sense of vitality that comes with providing the cells in the body with the oxygen necessary for boosting their health. Focusing solely on the pose and the breathing is a type of meditation that eases anxiety for older adults. The breathing and meditation aspects of yog especially uplift mental and spiritual status. Breathing practices help oxygenate the body and brain.

Boosts Blood Circulation- Many seniors require low-impact exercise programs that get their blood flowing without putting too much strain on their joints. Yog provides just enough physical activity to boost blood circulation without overexerting seniors and it is also a great form of exercise because seniors can choose to do a few poses and rest if necessary.

Provides a Social Opportunity- Seniors need to spend time with other people and attending yog classes designed for older adults is a great way to act out and mingle.

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