6 effects of fruits on our body

Fruit having amazing effect of on our body. We have been eating fruits since an early age. Early man started eating fruits first. Fruits are the major part of a diet if taken in a right form and time. Fruits should always be taken half an hour before meals. Fruits are alkaline in nature if they are taken before meals but if they are taken after meals they become acidic.

Fresh and dry fruits are natural staple food of men . They contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients in a rational proportion. They are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. They are easily digested an exercise a cleaning effect on the body and the digestive tract. Person subsisting on this natural diet will always enjoy good health. Moreover, the ailments caused by the intake of a natural food can be successfully treated by fruits. Fresh and dry fruits are does not only a good food but also good medicine. 6 Effects of fruits on our body are listed below

6 effects of fruits on our body

6 Effects of fruit on our body

Fruit highly beneficial effects on human system. The main psychological action of fruit are as follows

1 Hydrating effect

Taking a fruit or fruit juice is the most pleasant way of hydrating the organism . The water absorbed by sick person in this manner has an added advantage of supplying sugar and Minerals at the same time.

2 Diuretic effect

Clinical observation have shown that potassium magnesium and sodium contents of the fruit act as a diuretic and diuresis- frequency of urination is considerably increase when fruits and fruit juices are taken. The lower the urine density and thereby accelerate the elimination of nitrogenous waste and chlorides. As, however, fruits contain a very low level of sodium, that make a valuable contribution to a salt free diet.

3 Alkalizing effect

The organic acid of the salt in the fruit produce alkaline carbonates, when transformed within the organism which alkalize the fluids all fruits promote intestine elimination. This keeps the body free from toxic waste which creep into the body from an overloaded, sluggish intestinal tract. The carbohydrates of fruits are chiefly in the form of sugar and Dextrin which are easily digestible and are completely absorbed. Hence they are very useful for sick and effective source of quick energy and heat

4 Mineralizing effect

Fruits furnish minerals to the body. Fried fruits such as apricots, raisins and dates are rich in Calcium and Iron. These minerals are essential for strong bones and blood making respectively. Some fruits, like custard apple, furnish calcium to the extent of 800 MG for fruit, which is sufficient to meet a daily requirement of minerals.

5 Laxative effect

The fibrous matter in fruits, cellulose, is in the smooth passage of the food in the digestive tract and easy bowel action. The sugar and the organic acid contained in fruit also increase their laxative effect. Hence, regular use of fruits prevents and cure of constipation.

6 Tonic effect

Fruits, a dependable source of minerals, have a tonic effect in the body. Custard apple guava and citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are particularly valuable source of vitamin C. These fruits are usually eaten fresh and raw, thus making the vitamins fully available to us fruits contain good amount of carotene which gets converted into vitamin A in the body. Medium sized mango can provide as much as 15000 International unit of Vitamin A which is sufficient for full one week and this vitamin can be stored in the body . The common papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C and carotene

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