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Why you should not get wax done on the face

Facial Waxing Side Effects : Waxing on the face can cause many damages to your skin, know Why you should not get wax done on the face

Why you should not get wax done on the face

It is very common to have hair on the body, we all have hair on different parts of the body. Waxing is considered the easiest and best way to remove unwanted body hair. Often some women also face unwanted hair on the face and they use wax to remove the unwanted hair on the face (hair on the lips, cheeks and chin) like other parts of the body. But is it right to use wax to remove facial hair? In this article, we will know 3 reasons why you should not do facial waxing and the disadvantages of facial waxing

Why you should not get wax done on the face

Reasons To Avoid Facial Waxing

  1. If you do waxing repeatedly to remove facial hair, then by doing so a layer of skin is removed. Usually facial waxing is not very harmful, but if you are doing it regularly (for example once in 15 days), then over time it can damage your skin and even leave you with burned skin. Burns skin make the skin weak.
  2. When you use your daily skincare products after waxing your face, it can irritate your skin and cause skin damage.
  3. If your skin is dry or sensitive and you do facial waxing, then it can increase your skin related problems.

Why you should not get wax done on the face

1. Redness of face and skin irritation

There may be redness and irritation on the skin of the face immediately after facial waxing . If a person has sensitive skin, then it can increase these problems in them.

2. Loose Skin

If you do facial waxing frequently, over time it can make the skin loose, less elastic or cause wrinkles . Because during waxing, your skin is stretched and with repeated stretching, the skin loses its elasticity and starts loosening.

3. Darkening of the face

Facial waxing can darken your skin. It usually occurs in the underarm but it can also happen with the skin of the face. Because when hot wax is applied to the skin and it is pulled, it can cause the production of pigments in your skin, which leads to darkening of the face.

4. Sensitivity to sunlight

Facial waxing makes your skin sensitive to the sun. This is why experts recommend avoiding exposure to sunlight when waxing. Waxing removes the top layer of the skin, so when your skin comes in contact with the sun, your skin gets damaged.

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