Why Is The Indian Wedding Bed Decorated With Red Roses?

Why are red roses used to decorate the Indian wedding bed?

Why are rose petals used in wedding beds?
Many people have imagined a classic Indian wedding night, especially after seeing a Bollywood film. The bride comes with a glass of milk, the bed is decked with rose petals, and the consummation session begins. However, not all movie concepts were created from scratch; some were borrowed from the past. Have you ever wondered why rose petals are constantly used to decorate wedding beds? Rose petals are more than beautiful; they have a scientific rationale for being laid on a wedding bed in India. Are you curious? We inform you.

Why Is The Indian Wedding Bed Decorated With Red Roses?

RELAXES YOUR NERVES: You’ve been busy all day, and the added stress of the first wedding night is starting to wear you down. Rose petals have a calming effect on your nerves, no matter how frayed they are from the wedding stress. Roses, in this situation, are beneficial and can assist to relieve stress organically.

NATURE SEDATIVE: It can be difficult to get into the mood, especially if you are a first-timer. Roses have calming effects and can shift the mood of a room, no matter how depressing it may appear. Roses, according to aromatherapy specialists, can help you relax and unwind.

APHRODISIAC: Roses, which are a natural aphrodisiac, are a terrific way to set the tone for physical and mental connection. Roses can be used for more than just décor; they can even be included in the wedding night milk or kheer.

LOVE AND PASSION ARE REPRESENTED BY THE COLOR: Love, happiness, and all the adjectives that describe such feelings are all depicted by the colour. This is one of the reasons why roses are so popular in Indian weddings. The properties responsible for this include the rich tone of the colour and the perfume of roses.

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