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Why do feet smell? Know its reason and 7 easy ways to get rid of foot odor

Why do feet smell? Know its reason and 7 easy ways to get rid of foot odor

If your feet also smell bad, then you must try these 7 easy remedies

If your feet are sweating excessively or socks become wet or symptoms like foot pain persist, then you may also have a problem of bad smell in your feet. There can be many reasons behind bad feet. If you don’t keep your feet clean, you can smell bad due to the accumulation of bacteria in them. On the other hand, even if you sweat excessively, there may be a problem of bad smell from the feet. You can get rid of the problem of smelly feet with the help of some easy remedies. 

Why do feet stink? (Causes of smelly feet)

If your feet sweat a lot, then there may be a problem of foot odor . If you wear tight shoes, there will be pressure on the feet and heat will build up in the feet, which will lead to excessive sweating and bad smell. Due to wearing socks, sweat does not dry up and the feet smell bad. One of the reasons for bad breath is the presence of bacteria. Bacteria get mixed with the dead cells of our skin and the oil present in the skin, due to which there is a problem of smelly feet. There are sweat glands in our feet, due to which sweating causes bacteria to grow in the feet. If seen, there is no smell of sweat, if bacteria are present in it, then they will release a special kind of gas, which will make the smell. 

By adopting these simple measures, you can avoid the problem of smelly feet.

1. If you sit with your feet immersed in salt water or wash your feet with salt water, it will be beneficial. You have to mix half a cup of salt in half a liter of water and sit by putting your feet in it. Then after 15 minutes the feet have to be dried.

2. You put some white vinegar inside the shoes or sandals, it will not stink from the shoes and feet. White vinegar draws out foul odors. 

3. Do not make the mistake of wearing wet shoes, dry the shoes as bacteria can grow in wet shoes. You can dry the shoes in the sun or with a dryer. Shoes must be washed once a week. 

4. You should sit by dipping your feet in a mixture of baking soda and water. This will eliminate the bacteria of the feet and the smell will also go away. By using baking soda, there will be no fear of infection in the feet. 

5. If there is a bad smell in the feet, first of all wash the feet thoroughly, now sprinkle rose water on the feet and let the feet dry, then apply moisturizer.

6. You can also use lemon to remove the smell. Mix lemon juice in a cup of water and wash your feet with it, then the smell will go away. Apart from this, you can also get rid of this problem by rubbing half a lemon on the feet. 

7. You can also use powder or tea bag to get rid of foot odor. You sprinkle talcum powder on the feet and shoes, while mixing the tea bag in water and putting your feet in it and sitting, the problem of smell will go away.

Doctor’s advice

If the problem of smelly feet does not get better within a week, then contact the doctor. Your doctor may give you anti-microbial medicine. Apart from this, anti-microbial soaps and creams are also available in the market which you can use for personal use. 

By adopting these simple measures, you can avoid the problem of smelly feet.

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