What nutrients are necessary to increase height ? 

If you are making a lot of effort to increase height, then in this situation you need the right nutrition. Let’s know about What nutrients are necessary to increase height ? 

If your height is short, then it is not necessary that your parents are the reason for this. The reason for being more or less high depends on genetic as well as on your height. If you do not take a healthy diet, then your height may decrease. So try to include healthy things in your diet. In particular, there are some such vitamins and minerals, due to which your diet can be more or less. If you do not include these vitamins and minerals in your plate, then your height may decrease. At the same time, taking the right and balanced diet can make your height very good. There are some such vitamins and minerals, By including which your height growth can be good. Therefore, for the better development of your children, they should take the right diet (which vitamin increase height). So that they do not complain that their height is short. Let’s know about it – 

What nutrients are necessary to increase height ? 

What nutrients are necessary to increase height ? 

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is considered essential for increasing height. Along with increasing the body, it boosts the digestion process. Also vitamin B1 can help you to make the heart and nervous system healthy. To supply blood to all parts of the body, eat foods rich in vitamin B1 such as rice, peanuts, meat and soybeans.

Vitamin B2

This vitamin is very important to improve the growth of height. Its consumption promotes the growth of your body’s bones as well as skin, hair and nails. For the supply of vitamin B2 in the body, eat eggs, fish, milk and green leafy vegetables. 

vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the very important nutrients for the better development of the body. It keeps your bones strong. Also, it can be good for the growth of you and your children. This vitamin is considered a very good and better source of antioxidants. Also, it is effective in keeping the immune system strong. 

vitamin D

Vitamin D is considered very important for making bones strong and healthy. If the height of your children is not growing properly, then in this situation give enough vitamin D to your children. Vitamin D strengthens your bones and teeth. At the same time, there is a proper development of the height of your children. To give vitamin D to the baby, sit for some time in the sunlight. Apart from this, you can give them tomatoes, milk, citrus fruits, potatoes and cauliflower etc. Apart from this, vitamin D can also help you absorb nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium, essential for bone development. 


To increase the height of children, do not forget to include calcium-rich foods in their diet. Include milk and other dairy products to replenish calcium in the body. Apart from this, you can include spinach, turnip greens and soy products etc. 


Phosphorus is necessary to increase height. It aids in the development of bones. Some of the best sources to supplement phosphorus in the body are fish, peanuts, meat and cola drinks. 

Such nutrients are needed to increase height. However, keep in mind that there is no specific medicine or nutrient that can increase height after a certain age (young age). But you can increase the height of children with the right diet and diet. 

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