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It was 3 months ago. 27-year-old Mudit, a resident of Delhi, came back from office one day. It was night enough. He had dinner and went to sleep. A very strange thing happened to them in the night. He was sleeping. Then he realized that someone was standing by his head. Mudit got scared. He lived alone. And when he tried to get up, but he could not fully open his eyes. He realized that his hands and feet were not moving. Even after putting his whole life, his body was not moving. This lasted a few seconds. At last Mudit got up. When I saw no one was there.

After this he was very scared and could not sleep through the night. The same thing happened again about 2 weeks later. He realized that someone was in the room. When I tried to get up, my body could not move. The next morning, Mudit told this to a friend of his. He told that sometimes this happens to him too. Mudit should see a doctor. Mudit had many questions in his mind. He did not believe in ghosts and spirits, but now he had a sense of humor. At the behest of a friend, he showed it to a therapist. Told my whole story. Then they came to know that what is happening to them is called sleep paralysis.

This was not a ghost affair. Sleep paralysis is a type of sleep disorder. And it’s quite common too. Although this in itself is quite disturbing. Mudit wants us to talk about sleep paralysis on his show. What happens, why it happens, what is its treatment, give this information to the people.

Whatever happened to Mudit, it may have happened to you too. You have also realized while sleeping that you are not able to move your hands and feet even if you want to. This is sleep paralysis. What is this, first of all let’s understand.


What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is also called nocturnal paralysis.

This is a sleep problem ie sleep disorder.

As the name suggests, it is an experience during sleep in which you are unable to move your arms and legs.

But during this there is a feeling of being awake.

It can be understood as paralysis in sleep.

Although it is important to know that this is not a real paralysis.

It is also different from the nervousness you feel while sleeping at night.

Because night terrors are episodes that occur during sleep.

On the contrary, sleep paralysis can occur in two ways.

This happens either while going to sleep or while getting up from sleep.

During this you realize that you are awake.

-Or feel light-awake.

But your hands and feet can’t move.

More symptoms are also added to this type of problem.

Like anxiety.

Feeling of not being able to breathe.

Many people experience other things.

Like a sense of danger.

-Many people feel delusional.

Voices are heard, things are seen.

Due to which people are very scared.

As the name suggests, it is an experience during sleep in which you are unable to move your arms and legs.

It can last from 20 seconds to minutes.

This is a very disturbing experience.

-Sleep paralysis occurs in about 8 percent of people.

This is a very large population.


To understand sleep paralysis, one has to understand the sleep cycle.

Our brain goes through about 5 cycles during sleep.

When we start sleeping, we go to the first stage of sleep.

– Which is called REM sleep.

-REM sleep is a kind of switch.

In which we switch from waking to sleep.

The problem in this stage is that the body goes into sleep.

But the brain is not completely asleep, that is, it is not inactive.

We dream during REM sleep.

It is necessary not to move hands and feet in this.

In this the mind remains active.

Sleep paralysis is experienced during the same switch on and switch off.

Sleep paralysis is mostly genetic.

If there is a problem of sleep paralysis in the family, then children also have it.

Second reason. If the mental health is not good.

There is depression.

To understand sleep paralysis, one has to understand the sleep cycle.

-Has bipolar disorder.

In such a situation, the problem of sleep paralysis is more.

Third reason. If you have any other sleep disorder.

Those who get more sleep during the day.

There is a higher chance of experiencing sleep paralysis at night.

Some people believe that sleep paralysis is not a separate disorder.

It is believed that if health and mental health are good, then the chances of getting sleep paralysis are reduced.

Therefore, many times sleep paralysis is treated separately as a disorder.


You have to learn to relax before sleeping.

Whether it is done with breathing exercises.

That is, try to relax by paying attention to the breath.

-There are other ways.

Sleep paralysis is mostly genetic

It is very important to pay attention to mental health.

Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and depression are more likely to cause sleep paralysis.

Therefore, if these mental disorders are treated, then sleep paralysis is cured.

Sometimes anti-depressant medicines are also given.

Sleep paralysis can be cured.

Do not ignore it because its experience is very scary.

Many people start taking different meanings from it.

Especially those experiences in which we start to get confused.

Voices are heard, things are seen.

Threat is felt.

Many times this kind of experience gets scared.

That’s why it is very important to fix it.

You must have understood what is sleep paralysis, why it happens. If this happens to you also, then there is no need to panic. Its treatment is possible. You meet an expert and get treatment. Get the right treatment. Don’t fall into superstition. Sleep paralysis is a problem that occurs during sleep, which frightens a person a lot. So don’t ignore it.

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