Watermelon is a superfood, but do you know the right time and way to eat it

In summer season Watermelon can prove to be an energy booster. Watermelon is a superfood, but do you know the right time and way to eat itght time and way to eat it?

Watermelon is a superfood, but do you know the right time and way to eat it
Watermelon is a superfood, but do you know the right time and way to eat it

Nutrient-rich watermelon has many benefits. In summer, watermelon keeps the body hydrated and reduces joint pain. It acts as an energy booster in the body. But sometimes it can also cause vomiting, stomach pain and indigestion. The reason for this is eating it at the wrong time or in the wrong food combination. If you are also a watermelon addict, then this time also know the right time and right way to eat watermelon.

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What is my mother’s opinion about this

My mom says that nutrient-rich watermelon is very beneficial for health, but consuming it at the wrong time and in the wrong way can be equally harmful for your health. Often my mother says “Eating watermelon empty stomach is beneficial, water should not be drunk immediately after eating watermelon”. But is his word really true? Or is this just a myth? Let us try to gather some more information on this issue.

What is the right way and right time to eat watermelon

Watermelon becomes more beneficial if eaten with seeds. Also, it can be taken as breakfast on an empty stomach. The time from morning to afternoon would be perfect for eating watermelon. But eating watermelon at night can badly affect your health.

Always keep in mind that do not eat watermelon immediately after buying, leave it immersed in water for some time. Also, do not store watermelon once cut. For better health benefits, fresh watermelon should be consumed only.

Here are some important guidelines for eating watermelon

1. Eating watermelon on an empty stomach will be beneficial

Eating watermelon on an empty stomach in the morning breakfast will be beneficial. It promotes electrolyte balance and helps the body stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Do not drink water immediately after eating watermelon

Watermelon has 96 percent water content. Therefore, drinking water immediately after eating watermelon can affect your digestion. In addition, it can also damage the gastrointestinal tract. Watermelon is rich in water, sugar and fiber.

Microbes and bacteria spread rapidly in our body with the help of water and sugar. In such a situation, drinking water immediately after eating watermelon increases the chances of spreading these bacteria. There may also be a risk of stomach infection.

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3. Do not consume watermelon with other substances

Do not consume any other substances along with watermelon. Because by eating watermelon mixed with any other food, the nutrients present in it are not fully absorbed by the body. Also, it is not fully digested, due to which problems like acidity, indigestion can occur.

Do not eat watermelon even at night

It is very important to have complete knowledge of any substance before consuming it. As nutritious watermelons are beneficial for your health, but they can also be equally harmful if used incorrectly. Watermelon should be consumed during the day, because you may have to face these health risks if you eat watermelon at night –

1. May cause stomach problems

Consuming watermelon at night can make you suffer from the problem of digestion. It can also lead to problems like irritable bowel syndrome. Due to this you will continue to feel stomach cramps for the next whole day. On the other hand, according to normal days, your digestive system will work slowly. Therefore, it is advisable to keep away from sugar and acidic substances at night.

2. The problem of obesity

Watermelon contains sufficient amount of sugar. In such a situation, coming to bed immediately after eating watermelon at night, your digestive system cannot digest it properly. Also, the sugar present in it can increase weight.

3. Sleep Problems

Consuming water-rich watermelon can lead to the need to go to the toilet frequently at night. Due to which sleep will be affected. Later on it can cause you to not get enough sleep.

4. Constipation Problem

Eating watermelon or any kind of fruit at night is likely to cause problems like diarrhea and constipation. The existing fibers in watermelon are beneficial for our stomach. But at night it works to encourage stomach problems.

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