Very interesting story of Bhilangana river, know the place of origin and facts related to it

You must also know about some special things related to Bhilangana, one of the major rivers of India. Very interesting story of Bhilangana river, know the place of origin and facts related to it

Whenever the history of India is read, there is definitely a mention of the rivers present in this country. For example, the Indus Valley or river is mentioned every time. Similarly, there is mention of rivers like Ganga, Yamuna or Godavari etc.

Some of the rivers present in India are not only strategic but also act as lifelines for many cities. Among the dozens of rivers present in India, one Bhilangana river is also considered very important for India.

In this article, along with the interesting story related to the Bhilangana / Bhilangana river and its place of origin, want to know about some facts from it , then you must read this article

History of Bhilangana River 

bhilangna history

The history of Bhilangana river is very interesting. It is said that this is such a river whose origin is ancient even from ancient times. In BC, this river is considered very important river of India as well as Uttarakhand. Many people believe that the name of this ancient river is a combination of the words Bhil and Ganga i.e. the name of this river is also derived from Ganga.

Origin of Bhilangana River 

bhilangna river origin

Khatling Glacier is the origin of the Bhilangana River, situated at an altitude of more than 12 thousand feet above sea level. This glacier is 50 km south of Gomukh’s snow-cave. Not one but many small rivers originate from the Khatling Glacier in the lap of the Himalayas, but the most prominent river is the Bhilangana River.

Tributary of Bhilangana River 

know bhilangna river origin and history

Bhilangana River is a major river flowing in Uttarakhand like Kali River, Tons River and Alaknanda River . But there is no tributary of this river, rather Bhilangana river is the main tributary of Bhagirathi which is the source-stream of river Ganges. Although it is said that Bal Ganga is a tributary. 

Dam built on Bhilangana

Perhaps you must know about the Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand, if you do not know then tell you that this major dam of India along with Uttarakhand 

It is built at the confluence of Bhilangana and Bhagirathi. The construction of this dam is said to have started in 1953 and was completed around 2007. 

Other facts related to Bhilangana river 

about bhilangna river origin and history
  • It is said about Bhilangana that in ancient times there was an ashram of many sages and sages on the banks of this river.
  • It is said about this ancient river of Uttarakhand that its history is also related to Mahabharata and Ramayana

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