There are several reasons why using mustard oil is healthy. It can increase circulation and act as a potent stimulant, keeping your entire body healthy and functioning properly. The digestive, respiratory, and even immune systems of your body can all benefit to some extent from mustard oil.

Cooking with mustard oil can help treat both internal and exterior diseases by battling bacterial and fungal infections. It greatly promotes the growth and development of your muscles. The pain and inflammation brought on by arthritis are reduced with mustard oil. In addition to its reputation as a potent toner, mustard essential oil can also aid with a variety of other issues, including headaches, a cough, a cold, congestion, irregular bowel movements, and others.

What is mustard oil ?

Through the process of steam distillation, mustard oil is obtained from the mustard seed. Depending on where in the globe you are from, this essential oil has different meanings. For instance, mustard oil is frequently used in cooking and is generally well-liked in Asian nations, particularly India and Bangladesh.

However, this mustard oil is regarded as poisonous in western nations and is not thought to be fit for human consumption. It is even offered for sale as massage oil in some nations, but once more, it is not regarded as food. Whatever its reputation, mustard oil provides a lot of health advantages and is completely safe for usage by everyone.

Mustard oil uses

In Bangladesh and India, where it is a staple ingredient in the food, mustard essential oil is used in a variety of popular recipes. It gives the food a distinctive flavour. Due to the numerous advantages this oil provides for the muscular system, for the management of pain, and even for the general circulation of blood in the body, it is also used in massages.

Aromatherapy rarely use mustard oil. This is due to the fact that it does contain irritating properties and does not, however, offer the relaxing benefits that one seeks during aromatherapy. Since ancient times, it has been utilised in herbal and Ayurvedic therapy and has been shown to be quite beneficial for a variety of different illnesses.

Benefits of mustard oil

Just keep reading the many benefits of mustard oil for cooking

1) MUSTARD OIL IS UNREFINED- Unlike other refined oils, mustard oil is the best oil for cooking. According to research published in the Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 2012, Aiims doctors have found that kacchi ghani mustard oil is the best natural state oil.

2) RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY COMPOUNDS- Pure mustard oil is a source of biologically active compounds like glucosynolates, phenolic acids, isothiocynates. These
Provide antioxidant properties which kill free radicles in the body that
cause diseases.

3) FULL OF NUTRITION- Since mustard oil is made by slow processing, i.e. it is cold-pressed and not heated during the process. As heating destroys lot of beneficial volatile components, cold pressing not only retains the original nutrients but also the flavour and odour of the mustard seeds.

4) HIGH SMOKE POINT- Pure or kacchi ghani mustard oil has a high smoke point of around 250 degree celsius. This makes it the ideal choice for slow indian cooking which involves frying, roasting, especially deep frying.

5) PERFECT BALANCE OF OMEGA 3 AND 6- Our body needs a balance of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, as Omega 3 is pro inflammatory while Omega 6 is anti inflammatory in nature. For cardiovascular health, a ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is necessary, which is near ideal in mustard oil.


So, for heart patients, especially in Indian cooking, mustard oil is the ultimate best. But even better is using a mix of different cooking oils on a daily basis, to get the best of essential fatty acids.

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