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To take care of hair, make these three types of easy serum at home

You can make hair serum at home to add shine to your hair. SoTo take care of hair, make these three types of easy serum at home

To take care of hair, make these three types of easy serum at home

Every woman wants her hair to be silky, smooth and shiny. But not everyone’s hair is like this. Due to not taking care of the hair properly and many other reasons, the hair looks dry and lifeless. In such a situation, some hair products are needed to add shine to the hair and make them more silky, smooth and shiny and one of these is hair serum. Unlike traditional oils, it stays on the surface of the cuticles and serves as a great styling tool for those who want soft, smooth and shiny strands.

Although there are many brands of hair serums available in the market, they are quite expensive and hence you may have to spend a lot of money to buy a small bottle of serum. So if you want to make your hair more soft and shiny in an economical way, then consider making hair serum at home. So today in this article we are telling you about easy ways to make homemade hair serum.

To take care of hair, make these three types of easy serum at home

Hair serum for naturally wavy hair

hair serum homemade

If your hair is naturally wavy and you want to make a hair serum to pamper the, then take the help of jojoba oil and peppermint essential oil. It reduces the over production of oil glands on the scalp and prevents it from becoming greasy and sticky.

Necessary ingredients-

jojoba oil – 2 tbsp

peppermint oil – 4-5 drops

How to make hair serum

First of all, mix peppermint oil and jojoba oil in a bowl.

Now you put it in a small bottle. Your hair serum is ready.

Apply this unique mixture on slightly damp hair.

After washing the hair, when it is applied on damp hair, it shows a wonderful change in the hair.

Serum for Dull Hair

hair serum for dull hair

If your hair looks very dull and lifeless, then with the help of this hair serum, you can add shine and shine to your hair. You can use it as a pre-wash oil by massaging it into your hair from root to tip and leaving it on for an hour before rinsing.

Necessary ingredients-

avocado oil – 4 tbsp

jojoba oil – 2 tbsp

almond oil – 2 tbsp

Argan Oil – 2 tbsp

grape seed oil – 2 tbsp

How to make hair serum

To make hair serum, combine all the ingredients in a small bowl and mix well with a spoon.

Your hair serum is ready for healthy, shiny hair.

You can keep it in a small container and use it every time you wash your hair.

Serum for straight hair

hair serum for straight hair

Straight hair can be achieved by using a serum. You do not need to use a separate straightener for this.

Necessary ingredients-

3 tbsp coconut oil

3 tbsp soya oil

3 jojoba oil

3 tbsp olive oil

How to make hair serum

Mix all these ingredients and keep them in a bottle.

Add a few drops after washing your hair and then comb the hair. You will see a difference in the hair.

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