These Daily Habits Can Upset Your Stomach

We all have some habits that are not considered good for the digestive system. Know These Daily Habits Can Upset Your Stomach

These Daily Habits Can Upset Your Stomach

Having a healthy digestive system is very important to stay healthy. It works by breaking the food into small pieces and digesting it, so that the nutrients of the diet are absorbed in the body. Just as a healthy digestive system keeps your body free from diseases, in the same way you have to take care of many things to take care of the digestive system.

Although it is seen that there are some such habits in people, which are not considered suitable for their stomach at all. For example, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can increase stomach acid levels and cause bloating. It’s not just a habit. Apart from this, some habits can be harmful for the stomach

These Daily Habits Can Upset Your Stomach

Drinking orange juice on an empty stomach

kalhi pet orange juice peena

We all know that tea or coffee should not be consumed on an empty stomach, but consuming orange juice in the beginning of the morning is also not a good option. In general, eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach can increase the risk of acid production, which can lead to abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, and heartburn.

Eating habits just before bedtime

Some people have a habit of snacking late in the night or eating food just before bedtime. If you also have this habit, then it can cause heartburn and stomach irritation. Therefore, finish your dinner at least two to three hours before going to bed

The habit of chewing gum all the time

har waqt chwingum chane se hota h pet dard

Some people like to chew chewing gum and that’s why they keep on chewing gum all the time. However, this habit is not good. Researchers say that chewing chewing gum too often can cause problems like diarrhoea, along with pain in the jaw. Therefore, if you want to chew gum , then do not chew more than one gum in a day.

Eating too fast

jaldi khane se hota h pet darad

Most of the people are in the habit of finishing their food soon and hence they eat it quickly without chewing the food. But if you do this then your food is not digested properly. In addition, abdominal pain and discomfort may also occur.  

Switching Meals From Salads

Some people switch their meals with salads to stay healthy. Even though salads contain many vitamins and minerals, it is still not considered a good idea to replace it with meals. By doing this you do not get enough protein. Apart from this, eating cold food all the time is harmful for your stomach. It takes longer to digest and can cause problems.  

Drinking curd at night

Yogurt is very good for health, but consuming it in the night time is not good for your stomach at all. Yogurt has a cooling effect and consuming it at night can make you sick. At the same time, if people with acidity and acid reflux consume it, then it can also cause constipation.

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