These 5 things will help detox the body after Diwali

Post diwali Detox Foods : If you have eaten too much on Diwali, then These 5 things will help detox the body after Diwali

Foods For Detox Post Diwali 2022 : Diwali is such a festival when most sweets and many types of dishes are made in the house. During this, there is a lot of visitors coming to the house as well. Due to which many people eat more at this time. After which the worry starts, of increased weight and to detox the body. Many times the problem of gas, indigestion and acidity increases after the festival. In such a situation, it becomes very important to detox the body to deal with all these problems, so let’s know about some foods, which will help in maintaining weight along with detoxing the body.

These 5 things will help detox the body after Diwali


Yogurt is very beneficial for the body. If you overeat during Diwali, curd can help in keeping the stomach light. Eating curd strengthens the digestive system and helps in removing the problem of gas and indigestion etc. You can easily eat curd by adding salt or sugar. Yogurt is very low in fat and it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.

Green tea

Green tea is very healthy for health. Drinking it after Diwali makes the body light and helps in detoxifying the body. Drinking green tea helps in reducing cholesterol and also strengthens immunity. But keep in mind that green tea should be consumed only in limited quantities.


Lemon is very beneficial for the body. Its consumption increases the immunity of the body and helps in detoxifying the body. To consume lemon, you can drink it by putting it in water. If you have problems with gas, indigestion and acidity, then lemonade can be a good option.



Turmeric helps in detoxifying the body by strengthening the body’s immunity . Consumption of turmeric improves the digestive system and also strengthens the bones. If you have eaten too much on Diwali, then drink a glass of lukewarm water with a pinch of turmeric. This drink will help in detoxifying the body.


Eating fruits makes the body healthy. Eating fruits strengthens the body’s digestive system and also keeps the body light. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are found in abundance in fruits, which help in keeping the body healthy. Eating fruits helps in detoxifying the body.

All the things mentioned above help in detoxifying the body. But if you have any disease, then start consuming them only after asking the doctor

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