The stones here give eggs, the fate of whoever becomes the one who steals! 

The stones here give eggs, the fate of whoever becomes the one who steals! people were stunned to see in front of their eyes

Mysterious Cliff: Not everyone can know about every natural phenomenon on Earth. Even today, there are many such places in the world, where mysterious things remain. From common people to scientists, they are wondering how wonders can be possible. Today we tell you about the secret of China where there is a rock that lays dozens of eggs once in many years. Yes, a rock has been discovered in China’s Guizhou province that lays eggs every thirty years. Scientists have given their opinion to know about this phenomenon, but people can do anything to get this stone egg because they believe that it is auspicious for them.

Have you seen the egg-laying rock?

The stones here give eggs, the fate of whoever becomes the one who steals
The stones here give eggs, the fate of whoever becomes the one who steals! people stunned to see in front of their eyes

As you have always seen and heard chickens laying eggs. But according to the report published in ‘The Metro’, but this rock of China lays eggs. This rock incubates by keeping the egg inside it for thirty years. After thirty years, these eggs separate themselves from the rock. The height of this rock is 19 feet and the length is 65 feet. People from all over China come here to see this wonderful and unimaginable event and pray that they may get an egg. It is said that whoever steals the stone here becomes his luck.

The people of the village steal the eggs here

Mysterious cliff viral photos

About this cave built near Gulu Village, the people of the area say that they had heard about it from their elders. Whatever it is, it is a matter of luck only then do people want to take it with them. Right now there are about 70 such eggs left which have been preserved so far while the rest of the eggs were stolen or sold elsewhere.

black colored egg-laying rock

Mysterious cliff viral photos

This mysterious mound is known as Chan Dan Ya. This egg-laying rock is black in color. Whose eggs are smooth from outside? They gradually move out from the surface of the rock on their own and after thirty years they separate themselves as if the process of natural childbirth has been completed.


This egg is a symbol of good luck

Mysterious cliff viral photos

These eggs are of black and cold surface. Chinese people believe that this egg is a symbol of great luck, so people come here every year to get it. However, such people return only after seeing them because it is not in everyone’s luck that they are present there and the egg breaks from the rock in front of them and they take it and go straight to their home.

Such is the opinion of scientists

Mysterious cliff viral photos

Scientists have also been engaged for years in solving the mystery of these eggs. According to geologists, this rock is millions of years old. Geological tests conducted in this area have shown that this rock was formed during the Cambrian period, about 500 million years ago. This is the same calcareous rock that is found in many countries of the world. A special part of this rock comes in the area of ​​Mount Gandang. Experts who have worked here say that this particular egg part may have been formed due to a reaction between the time it took for each rock to form and collapse.

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