The body gets many benefits by eating flaxseed raita, learn how to make it

The body gets many benefits by eating flaxseed raita, learn how to make it. Also it keeps you hydrated in summers. 

The body gets many benefits by eating flaxseed raita, learn how to make it

Raita is a special part of our food. Its consumption in summer is very beneficial. It also helps in keeping the body hydrated and cool from inside. Along with this, raita also enhances the taste of food. Its consumption is beneficial in many ways. We like to include a variety of raitas in our dishes. Similarly, you can also make flaxseed raita. Flaxseed raita is very beneficial for both your health and mood. Flaxseed can prove to be very helpful in increasing your eyes, heart, digestive system and immune system. It can also be quite useful for facial beauty and weight loss. Actually, flaxseeds are rich in nutrients like vitamin B-1, protein, copper, manganese and omega-3 acids. It helps in controlling diabetes. 

The body gets many benefits by eating flaxseed raita, learn how to make it

Benefits of flaxseed raita

1. Beneficial for the Digestive System

Flaxseed raita is very beneficial for your stomach. Actually, fiber is found in abundance in flaxseed and curd is very good to remove your stomach problems . Also, the probiotics found in it can be very useful for your gut health. You can make this raita during lunch or dinner. 

2. Get rid of skin problems

Sometimes skin problems can become the biggest problem for you. A lot of pimples and blemishes on the skin can reduce your confidence and you do not look happy with yourself. At the same time, you start running away from people, but omega-3 fatty acids are found in flaxseed. It gives a natural glow to the skin. 


3. Helpful in Heart Problems

Heart problems can trouble you at times. By consuming flaxseed, your cholesterol level remains under control and high blood pressure is also controlled. With the help of all this, it helps to keep heart diseases and strokes away. There is also no problem of heart attack and heart coronary. 

4. Beneficial for the eyes

Flax seeds are also very beneficial for your eyes because vitamins and proteins are found in it. Which is beneficial for eyesight and diseases. 

How To Make Flaxseed Raita

1. To make flaxseed raita, first of all soak it in a bowl. 

2. Now take out the curd in another bowl. Then add black pepper, cumin powder and salt to it and mix well. 

3. After mixing it well, add linseed seeds to it and then mix it well. 

4. In the end, serve it by adding coriander leaves or mint leaves. 


2. Flaxseed Bundi Raita

1. To make flaxseed and boondi raita, first of all, give linseed to soak. Actually, eating flaxseed soaked has more benefits. 

2. After that prepare the boondi for the raita on the other side. For this, mix the gram flour well and heat the oil. 

3. After that filter it in oil and take it out. Then keep them separate. 

4. Then add curd, soaked flaxseed and boondi in a bowl and mix it well. After mixing you can add cumin powder, black pepper and green chilies to it. 

5. If you want, you can also keep it in the fridge. 


Always try to eat linseed seeds soaked because its effect is hot. Therefore, by eating soaked, the body remains hydrated. Also, try to consume linseed seeds in moderation so that many stomach problems can be avoided. Many times, consuming large amounts of flaxseed can cause rashes, indigestion and abdominal pain

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