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The Best Way To Drink Water According To Ayurveda

The Best Way To Drink Water According To Ayurveda

The primary goal of cooking, aside indulging your palate and experimenting with flavours, is to soften and make meals simpler for your body to digest. Water can be “cooked” in a similar way to how food is cooked so that its hydrating and enlarging qualities are more easily accessed.

The Best Way To Drink Water According To Ayurveda

The Best Way To Drink Water According To Ayurveda

So, boil water for drinking for ten minutes. After bringing the water to room temperature, cover the container and keep it there. Following this, you are ready to sip the water.

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Your drinking water might be healthier by using these easy methods. But you can also try this intriguing new trick. Simply add one of these five additives to your drinking water to further enhance its nutritional value. These are the components.

  1. Add the seeds for fennel, cumin, and coriander.
The Best Way To Drink Water According To Ayurveda

For every 12 cup of boiling water, add roughly 5 cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds. Allow the water to settle for 1-2 minutes after boiling for 10 minutes with these seeds. Allow the water to cool before straining out the seeds. The water’s flavour may be little bitter, but it provides a cooling and refreshing aftertaste to regular drinking water. These seeds are also well-known for their gentle digestive characteristics. They are also beneficial to digestion and are said to prevent foul breath.

  1. On a hot day, spice your water.
The Best Way To Drink Water According To Ayurveda

Sandalwood, cardamom, and mint are well-known for their strong properties, such as calming the discomfort and agitation of our pitta dosha – the body energy responsible for digestion, metabolism, and energy production – particularly during the summer months. A pinch of these powdered spices could add taste to your water, while a few mint leaves can help cool it down. The combination of these components offers your water and body a revitalising sense. This mixture is extremely useful for cooling down your body on a hot day.

  1. Add Some Sweetness

Adding 1/2 teaspoon raw organic honey to cool water helps to eliminate excess kapha, the energy responsible for safeguarding and managing the body’s structures, such as keeping cells straight and producing muscle, fat, and bone. Hot water and honey might help soothe a sore throat.

  1. Add Some Zing to Your Metabolism

You may stimulate your metabolism, clear your stomach and digestive system to allow normal functioning, and keep your body warm by adding a little ginger powder or a teaspoon of freshly crushed ginger to your morning glass of water.

You can even assist in reducing the excess kapha and vata, the forces that govern all bodily and mental motion, including the regulation of blood flow, the removal of waste from the body, breathing, and even our capacity for thought.

  1. Include A Touch Of Gold

You did hear correctly. Boiling drinking water with an unprocessed chunk of gold or even a gold ornament added can boost the water’s nutritional value. Make sure the gold is at least 22 karats, though. It might be a plain gold ring or chain with no crystals, other metals, or precious stones. The minerals from the pure gold can contaminate your water and are thought to naturally strengthen your immune system.

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