Ten Ways To Increase Your Baby’s Intelligence

Ten Ways To Increase Your Baby’s Intelligence

Ten Ways To Increase Your Baby's Intelligence
Ten Ways To Increase Your Baby’s Intelligence

Every parent hopes for an intelligent child to be raised. When the young Einstein speaks his first words, Mumma is overjoyed. After that, the preparation for responding to each of the baby’s inquisitive actions starts.

Every journey has one goal in mind: an intelligent child. Foods are chosen based on their capacity to increase brain power. Toys are chosen based on mechanisms that improve the mind. So, the good news is here. There are ways to guarantee that your child develops into a genius.

Ten Ways To Increase Your Baby’s Intelligence

The development of a baby’s brain, which increases their awareness and intelligence, is influenced by a variety of factors. And out of the bunch, these 10 are the best. No harm in following them, so do it!

Don’t disturb your infant as they sleep:

One less hour of sleep each night, according to a study, could shorten a child’s cognitive development by two years. The active sleep phase promotes rapid brain development in infants. The critical neuronal connections are formed and the connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain are strengthened during these sleep hours. Better language, attention, and impulse control are developed in babies who get the recommended amount of sleep.

Verify That They Engage in Plenty of Activity:

According to research, a baby’s brain development and physical activity level are closely related. Baby should engage in unstructured physical activity for at least an hour, according to parents. Better memory and learning skills are the result of increased blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body from higher activity levels. Play with your child often and know that you are doing a good job of fulfilling your responsibility.

Pick Your Baby’s Music Wisely:

Babies’ brain development is aided by exposure to calming music, which improves cognitive abilities. A ‘bonding’ hormone called oxytocin may be released when you hold your baby close and slow dance to soothing music, according to research. While nursing, the same hormone is also released. Good music is regularly listened to by babies, who as adults have better memories and are less anxious.

Speak to your infant:

According to studies, talking to your baby as early as 18 months of age improves their vocabulary and language processing abilities. Babies learn the lip movements, sounds, and pronunciations of a language by conversing with adults.

Word repetition improves their memory and makes it simpler for them to connect words to objects. Therefore, don’t stop talking to your little babbler because you think you are not making any sense. They are absorbing everything from you.

Good Eating Practices:

It’s crucial to start including brain foods in your baby’s diet if you want to improve their cognitive abilities. To name a few, there are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, dry fruits, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Combining healthy foods in intriguing ways will make sure that taste buds and brain cells are equally satisfied.

Making Them Socially Active

Allowing infants to interact with friends and family increases their exposure to people. They are always picking up new information from their surroundings. Your baby learns more the more exposure they receive.

Telling your infant bedtime stories:

Since ancient times, reading bedtime stories and singing lullabies to your baby have proven to be very effective. It strengthens the bond between parents and infants and wires the child’s brain to increase their capacity to process new information quickly. According to studies, there are obvious neurological differences between children who have been read to and those who haven’t.

Taking Them Outside:

According to Spanish research, spending time in nature, where children are exposed to trees and are free to play on green grass, promotes the development of the brain. It makes sense why children are always content when taken for a stroll in the park. The babies are calmed by the green surroundings, which also improves brain function.

Allowing Them to Choose:

Though we are constantly trying to decide which option is best for our baby, giving them options at a young age can help them develop cognitive skills. Choosing between colours, tastes, people, and shapes helps children develop decision-making skills at a young age.


Mother’s milk is like a magical potion for increasing a baby’s brainpower. Breastfeeding your baby until the age of one can improve his or her overall health and intelligence. Mother’s milk contains all of the nutrients required for a baby’s complete development. A healthy baby is the most likely to be intelligent.

Though all of these efforts are important in raising intelligent children, nothing compares to the love, care, and attention of parents. Children who are happy grow up to be smarter, more aware adults. So shower your little bundle of joy with as much love and pampering as you can. I’ll leave you on that wise note!

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