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Self care tips – How to take care of yourself

Self care tips – How to take care of yourself ? What is self-care? Are general questions which will be answered in this article.


Self-care is a general term that describes everything you do deliberately for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. As simple as it sounds, many of us pay little attention to self-care. This is why ‘deliberately’ is one of the most important words in the definition. You need to be conscious of your well-being before you can achieve true self-care. It starts from the simple acts like not checking emails at night when you know it affects your sleep and extends to more important decisions like going for a vacation or booking a massage when you feel you need one.


Why is it important? Self-care encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can transmit the good feelings to others. You cannot give to others what you don’t have yourself. While some may misconstrue self-care as selfish, it’s far from that. When you pay adequate attention to your well-being, you’re not considering your needs alone. You’re reinvigorating yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself for the people around you. Everyone around you also benefits from the renewed energy and joy you exhibit.

Why Self Care is Necessary:

​​If we want to live a healthy and long life then we should give time to those things which give us happiness and keep us physically and mentally healthy.

Self-Care tips:

Most of us are always in such a rush that we rarely have time for ourselves. Our personal and work life has made us so busy that we have forgotten to think about our mental health and happiness. Taking care of ourselves is not only good for our mental health but also beneficial for our physical health. If we want to live a healthy and long life then we should give time to those things which give us happiness and keep us physically and mentally healthy.

  1. Staying physically active is very important to stay fit. It helps to keep us healthy and improve our health. Along with this, exercise is also necessary for your mental health.
  2. Doing the same thing every day makes you a victim of boredom, which reduces your creativity. So indulging yourself in new things will help you move forward in your life.
  3. We all need to take a break from our work. Both our mind and our body need rest to stay healthy and strong. That’s why you should keep taking breaks from time to time.
  4. Do one thing at a time. By doing this you will get good results and you will also feel good.
  5. Whenever you are sad or you are getting angry, take a long breath and when you are exhaling from the inside, keep focusing on the same breath. This will make you feel good.
  6. If possible, take a short nap during the day. By doing this you will feel very fresh.
  7. Spend time with your friends, with whom you are happy. And should also go for a walk with them from time to time.
  8. You should stop comparing yourself to others. By doing this, you start getting jealous of others and start living unhappy.
  9. Try to do something you enjoy every day. That might mean dancing, watching a favorite TV show, working in the garden, painting or reading.
  10. Find ways to relax, like meditation, yoga, getting a massage, taking a bath or walking in the woods.
  11. Live Healthy, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs and alcohol. Manage stress and go for regular medical check-ups.
  12. Practice good hygiene. Good hygiene is important for social, medical, and psychological reasons in that it not only reduces the risk of illness, but it also improves the way others view you and how you view yourself.

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