Seasame seeds and its benefits to make you healthy

Seasame seed and its benefits

Original place of sesame is Africa. It has high value throughout Asia since ancient times. Its Seeds and oil are widely mentioned in Indian literature from the Vedic period and was used for religious ceremonies.

The sesame is one of the best oilseed. It is probably the oldest of all cultivated seed crops.

Sesame seeds are small smooth, white, red or black. The oil extracted from sesame seeds is of very high medicinal quality

Seasame seed and its benefits

Charak, the great medical authority of ancient India, has said that of all the oils, sesame oil is the best. It has the finest flavour and a high boiling point.

Sesame is available in three varieties of black, white and red. The black variety yields the best quality of oil. It is also best suitable for medicinal purposes.

The white seeds are extremely rich in calcium and are useful in all cases of calcium deficiency. The red variety is rich in iron

The seeds are emollient that softens the skin, nourishing tonic, and are laxative, diuretic and fattening

The hard husk of sesame seeds must be removed prior to consumption, for it is abrasive on the intestines and rather bitter, due to its high concentration of oxalic acid which is harmful to human being,

Sesame oil is a substitute for olive oil as a salad dressing and in cooking. The fried seeds can added in soups.

Seasame seed and its benefits

Sesame has the quality for the treatment of the following diseases.


Sesame seeds can be used as a medicine for abortion. One tablespoonful of the seeds ground with equal quantity of palm jaggery and used twice daily in the early stage of pregnancy are helpful for abortion.


An emulsion of the seeds is prepared by grinding and straining them after soaking them in warm water for a couple of hours. and mixed with a cupful of milk and sweetened with jaggery, is a good treatment for patients suffering from anaemia,


Sesame seeds are useful in dysentery and diarrhoea. Lightly Roast 15/20 grams of the seeds on a frying pan. Make a fine powder of it. Mix one tablespoon of cow’s ghee. Take 1/3 portion three time a day. It acts as an excellent medicine of dysentery,

Hair Disorders

A decoction made from the leaves and rootis used as a hair wash. It is best to prevent premature greying of hair and promote their growth. Crushed leaves used as shampoo can remove dandruffs.

Menstrual Disorders

Half a teaspoon of powder of sesame seeds if taken with hot water twice daily can reduce spasmodic pain during menstruation. Its regular use, cures scanty menstruation.


Sesame seeds taken in the form of decoction or as sweet meats is a good treatment for bleeding piles.

Respiratory Disorders

An infusion of sesame seeds mixed with a tablespoonful of linseed, a pinch of common salt and a desertspoonful of honey, given once at night in acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma can give relief.

Skin Disorders

A poultice of the sesame seeds applied externally can give beneficial results over ulcers, burns and scalds.

External application of a mixture of equal parts of sesame oil and lime water is also effective in these conditions

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