Salt Can Solve 10 Domestic Problems

Wow Salt Can Solve 10 Domestic Problems

Do you know that these 10 domestic problems can be solved only with salt
If you want to solve many problems of the house, then the answer may be salt placed on the table. Know about best salt uses.

Preparing salt water, mixing table salt and a glass of hot water. Salt water is rich in minerals are used to treat cold and sore throat by gargling saltwater.

We all use salt to eat, but have you ever thought about how salt can be commonly used? Actually, we feel that if there is salt in the house then it should be used only for food, but many people do not know anything about the extra use of salt.

Salt Can Solve 10 Domestic Problems

Today we are going to tell you about 10 such use of salt, which can solve 10 problems of the house. So let us know which salt can be used well for handling which works.

  • Removing stains from clothes and carpets-
    A salt can also be used to remove stains. You must have used salt often for food, but if the stains of wine, etc. are applied on a cloth or carpet, then you can first lighten the stain by adding white wine to it and then wipe it with a wet cloth and add salt to it. Wait for 10 minutes. After this, if there is a carpet, clean it with a vacuum cleaner and if there is a cloth then wash it like this.
  • Coffee will be less bitter-
    If you do not like the sweet taste of coffee and black coffee seems very bitter, you can add a little salt to the mug to make it less bitter. This will neutralize the bitterness of the coffee. If you add two pinches of salt to it, it will be enough.
  • Use salt for cleaning the fridge in this way-
    For cleaning the fridge, you can use salt every 3-6 months. To clean the shelves of the fridge, add 1/2 cup salt to lukewarm water and dip the cloth in it and wipe the shelves with it. If there is any stink in the fridge, it will also go while cleaning in this way.
  • Sanitize Chopping boards with salt-
    Many studies have revealed that plastic and wooden wooden boards have many items which fill it with germs. In this case, you can clean it by adding bleach and salt to the boards. Wash it with lukewarm water. If you have a wooden chopping board in your house, you can clean it with salt and lemon, which will sanitize it.

  • Salt can remove water stains from wood
    Salt can also be used to remove water stains from wood. Prepare a paste by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt with a few drops of water and apply this paste on a soft cloth and wipe the wood. If you clean it with light hands, it will not remove the polish of the furniture and it will also be clean easily.
  • Use salt to remove odor from canvas or cloth shoes-
    Smelling of shoes in the summer is very common and especially if they are canvas or cloth shoes, then the smell of sweat will definitely come. To reduce this, you can add a little salt to the shoes. This will soak up the smell of shoes and after that wipe them with a wet cloth or else wash them. In such a situation, the sweat marks in the shoes will also go away.
  • Use salt like mouthwash-
    You can also use salt as a mouthwash. Store-bought mouthwash is always toxic and contains a lot of chemicals and artificial ingredients. In this case, gargle by adding 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of Baking soda to half a cup of lukewarm water. You can also use this mixture to get rid of the bad smell of the mouth.
Teenage girl rinsing her mouth with glass of water
  • Use salt to quickly cool a cold drink or beer bottle.
    Salt can also be used to quickly cool a cold drink or hot bottle of beer. It won’t take too long. All you have to do is mix a little salt with ice and keep the bottle in it. This causes the beer to cool down very quickly. Just you have to take care not to add too much salt or else the ice will melt very quickly.

  • Give the garden grass a new look-
    Salt can also be used for garden grass. To make cheap fertilizer at home, you can mix two spoons of Epsom salt in 2 liters of water and fill it in a spray bottle. Keep in mind that mixing Epsom salt is not table salt. It contains too much magnesium, which is good for plants. You spray it on the grass and you will find that the grass will grow better in a few days.
  • Salt can cure sore throat
    You can also use salt to cure a sore throat. You mix 1 teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water and gargle for 30 seconds. This is a very old and effective recipe that can work to cure a sore throat.
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