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Reasons Housewives Can Be Victims Of Depression, Know How To Take Care Of Your Mental health

Due to these reasons housewives can be victims of depression, know how to take care of your mental health

Due to these reasons housewives can be victims of depression, know how to take care of your mental health

To take care of their mental health, housewives can adopt the simple tips mentioned in this article.

The culture of our country is such that most of the women work in the category of housemakers or housewives or housewives, their health is affected due to non-stop work throughout the day and throughout the year. Depression can be a problem in the absence of exercise and proper diet. Due to depression, housewives also fall in the grip of diseases like high BP, obesity, diabetes etc. To avoid them, you should take care of some easy tips which we will talk about next.

Why do housewives get depressed? 

  • multi tasking 
  • work without a break 
  • not having a healthy diet 
  • Vitamin D deficiency 
  • obesity 
  • insufficiency of water 

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How do housewives take care of their mental health? (How to look after your mental health)  

To keep your mental health better, housewives follow these steps-

  • Do not include fat, oil, fried or more chili food in your diet, eat light food.
  • Follow daily pranayama, meditation, if you are a patient of high BP then you should do meditation only on the advice of the doctor.  
  • You should be able to say no, if you keep working continuously then your mental health will deteriorate, so you have to recognize the symptoms of fatigue and refuse the family for more work if needed. 

Due to these reasons housewives can be victims of depression, know how to take care of your mental health

You need fresh air (Fresh air benefits)

depression in housewife

If you are a housewife then you should take some time for yourself too. There must be a time when you spend time to pay attention to your health. You must go for a walk in the morning and evening. Fresh air is considered beneficial for your mind and body. Do breathing exercises in the fresh air in the morning, this will make you feel positive and you will not feel low energy. By spending time outside, your body will also get vitamin D, which is counted in reducing depression and reducing weight .

Exercise, diet, and sleep

Symptoms of depression are mostly seen in housewives, to reduce these symptoms, you should take help of exercise, diet and sleep. You should exercise at least 40 minutes daily, follow a healthy diet, you should include fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich food, whole grains etc. in your diet. Include vegetables and fresh fruits in 60 percent of your diet. Along with this, you have to take 7 to 8 hours of sleep, sleep on time at night and stop the household chores at a fixed time.

Break is also necessary for housewives

Housewives or housewives are often tired of working in the same routine, they must take a break for rest. Fix your daily routine, and finish the work at a time, if you keep working without stopping or taking breaks throughout the year, then it will have a bad effect on health. To improve health, you must take a break once a week, on that day you give time to yourself and spend time with family and friends. 

Avoid multitasking

We have seen that housewives do many things at once but this habit can be harmful for their health. You should avoid multitasking. Due to multitasking, you start forgetting things and memory becomes weak and you start forgetting things. Due to this there is a problem of irritability due to which tension starts increasing, so you should avoid doing many things at once. 

By following these simple tips, you can avoid depression, eat healthy diet, exercise and apart from work you take breaks and also take time for yourself.

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