Money Can’t Buy These 16 Things No Matter How Rich You Are

Money Can’t Buy These 16 Things No Matter How Rich You Are

Money, as a social construct, can do beautiful things: it allows you to buy movie tickets with friends, it facilitates dates, and it allows you to buy ingredients for homemade soup.

Money Can't Buy These 16 Things No Matter How Rich You Are
Money Can’t Buy These 16 Things No Matter How Rich You Are

But let us never pretend that we can’t, or don’t, enjoy the company of friends without it, cultivate intimacy and love without it, or attain absolute ecstasy when foraging for ingredients for various types of dishes in the outdoors.

Despite humanity’s worldwide obsession with money, there are some things that no amount of money can buy.

Money Can’t Buy These 16 Things No Matter How Rich You Are

Money can’t buy Happiness

Money can never buy happiness. We’ve seen over and again that the contrary action is true: the more one has, the more one desires.

Instead of seeking contentment, the desire for more becomes a bizarre addiction to dissatisfaction.

Money can’t buy Contentment

Money, no matter how many tangible belongings you have, will not stabilize your life if it lacks equilibrium and balance. If anything, it sets it off on a wild and unexpected tangent.

We witness cases of the wealthy being completely miserable over and over again. They are unhappy in their relationships, families, and even employment. Money, clearly, does not purchase happiness.

Money can’t buy Love

Money has never effectively purchased a sense of true love in the thousands of years of human history.

Love is only transactional when deeper ties of trust, openness, communion, and compassion are formed. There is no coin on the globe that can compare to that grace.

Money can’t buy spirituality

Spirituality involves a deeper connection to the All than signing our name on a check or swiping a credit card, no matter how much we tithe, alms to the needy, or vacation vacations to remote temples.

Thinking money helps in that connection is an instant restart in the game of life.

Money can’t buy Family Cohesion

What monetary amount would cause Uncle Joe to respect Aunt Mary? Or make dad less hesitant to accept and mum truly care?

There’s always the temptation to believe that if we could just give enough to this person to alleviate their stress, some to that person, or even just enough to put some respectable distance between ourselves and the rest of the family, we’d achieve the positive familial transformation we’ve always desired.

Nope. It is never successful.

Money can’t buy Self-Esteem

Count the number of times persons wearing costly timepieces feel compelled to check the time when in the presence of others. Then consider the individual who thrusts their massive engagement ring in the faces of others at the slightest provocation.

They are their possessions, which is a common thread. Their self-esteem is so frail that they need to strengthen it with trendy, expensive, prominent items that people can’t help but notice. Unfortunately, when the goods and the people are gone, so is the worth.

Money can’t buy respect

The affluent blowhard boasting to adoring masses about his magnificence is a cliché that should be gilt-edged and filigreed.

Respect has no place in a wallet, trust fund, inheritance, or hedge fund. Respect is too lofty a concept for such trivial matters.

Money, on the other hand, frequently encourages people to behave in ways that undermine the little respect they may have earned by attempting to be decent human beings.

Money can’t buy generosity

Generosity is wonderful unless when it is undertaken with the idea that those receiving the blessing will kowtow, but many people have that attitude: I gave, now please shower me with appreciation.

True thankfulness never has a cost and, when it exists, is always freely given.

Money can’t buy Friendship

This one could be written a thousand times on a chalkboard and still need to be repeated: Friendship cannot be purchased with money.

A wallet as a gravitational center will attract the nearest bits of humanoid rubble and flotsam, not the numerous celestial bodies.

Rubble and flotsam exist to exploit others, to build themselves up at the expense of others. That is not, by any means, anyone’s concept of a tried and true friend.

Money can’t buy Forgiveness

We all make mistakes. What can’t money buy? Money will not get us out of the unavoidable fact of life. Not the purchase of a diamond, a bouquet, a suit, or a Christmas present box.

But who hasn’t thought, “If only I could find the proper thing, I could make everything better?” Forgiveness comes from putting oneself in front of people, not through a proxy or a bauble.

Money can’t buy Truth

The amount of money spent on political campaigns nowadays could probably eradicate a societal ill by lunch, yet we all know how much truth is included in those fawning cesspools of marketing. A large budget is never a substitute for facts.

Money can’t buy Kindness

Even the most heinous of persons can donate to charities. However, money cannot buy a loving heart where one does not exist. It cannot compel us to care, empathize, or seek solutions.

Money, at most, can alleviate certain ills (ills caused by our economic systems), but compassion is the act of breaking down barriers between perception and the sufferings of others, not changing cash allotments.

Money can’t buy a Relationship

Money will surely guarantee a swarm of people surrounding you, but not one of them is genuine with you.

Money might keep you moving and zooming about, but how often do you feel like you’re actually there?

A sense of connection comes from saying hello to the inner lives of others, which is free of charge. It takes honesty, time, and a passion for the world that cannot be found in the interest rate on your savings account.

Money can’t buy Loyalty

Loyalty is a result of character respect, not a financial transaction. Money can buy sycophants, toadies, and foot soldiers… all of whom will flee when a better offer appears from somewhere else.

Money can’t buy Security

A weapon can be purchased with money, which implies risk. You might live in a wealthy neighbourhood with money, but that area is like a ticking time bomb. However, money can never offer a solid force field to shield anyone from humankind’s sins.

Money can’t buy Objective

We can understand why the musical group Crash Test Dummies created “Superman’s Song,” which contains this moving refrain:

Superman never made any money
Saving the world from Solomon Grundy
And sometimes I despair
The world will never see another man like him…

Money has its uses and may be a great diversion, but the things that cannot be purchased are often the things that we, as a global community, require indefinitely.

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