Know Two Dear Friends Of Bollywood Who had Same Disease And Died On The Same Date

Know Two Dear Friends Of Bollywood Who had Same Disease And Died On The Same Date

The relationship of friendship is such that it is not of blood but of trust. It is said that friendship lasts a lifetime if it is true. Friendship is said to be a very precious relationship. There is no other relationship like it. We all know this thing that every human being plays many relationships in his whole life but the relationship of friendship is not from birth nor after marriage.

The relationship of friendship is bound by unwavering trust and love. We all must have heard many stories of friendship. But today we will tell you through this article about the friendship of two such veteran actors of Bollywood, who left this world on the same day after saying goodbye to the same disease.

Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan were examples of friendship

Know Two Dear Friends Of Bollywood Who had Same Disease And Died On The Same Date

Today we are telling you about the friendship of the two best friends of the Bollywood industry, veteran actors Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan. All of you must have heard people sharing happiness and sorrow in friendship, but both of them chose the same date of death.

Firoz Khan and Vinod Khanna were such actors of their time, who had made a special place for themselves in the hearts of people on the basis of their excellent acting. Both of them were good actors as well as best friends and their friendship was mentioned in the entire industry.

Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan worked together in many films

Vinod Khanna and Firoz Khan have worked together in many Bollywood films. The pairing of these two on screen was well-liked by the audience. Apart from this, in real life also people liked the pair of these two very much. Both these veteran actors did excellent work in many films, including many superhit films.

The pairing of Vinod Khanna and Firoz Khan was seen in the film “Shankar Shambhu” released in 1976. The pairing of both in this film was well-liked by the audience. In the year 1980, the pair of Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna appeared in the film “Qurbani” and they won the hearts of everyone with this film. It was directed by Feroz Khan. This film proved to be a tremendous superhit. During that time the film was successful in doing business of 12 crores.

It is said that when Vinod Khanna’s career was on the heights of success in the industry, he went to Osho Ashram at that time, after which he wanted to return to Bollywood. Firoz Khan assisted him at this time. Firoz Khan made the film “Dayawan (1988)”. Both were again seen together in this film. Vinod Khanna played the role of a villain in the beginning of his film career and later he was established as a hero.

Even though Firoz Khan has worked in only a few films, but through all the films he worked in, he earned a good name. Be it the role of handsome hero or the role of dreaded villain in the film, Firoz Khan fit perfectly in every character and worked hard for years. He was last seen in the film “Welcome”.

Same disease and both died on the same date

The pair of Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna was well liked by the people on the screen. In real life too, the pairing of these two was very good, but when both of them died together, everyone was surprised. The reason for the death of both of them remained the same and both the stars died due to cancer.

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