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Kill coronavirus with your positive thoughts

The whole world is come to an halt with this deadly disease coronavirus. It has ruined many families. In this hard time it is only that we have to remain positive and to spread positivity everywhere. We can kill coronavirus with our positive thoughts.

kill coronavirus with your positive thoughts

Great scientist and spiritual healers have said whatever we will throw it will come back to us. I just want to request everyone ,let’s follow law of attraction to eliminate this deadly virus from earth

In this time of crisis where whole world is fighting with the Corona virus we can fight mentally and spiritually with the coronavirus by just taking out five minutes from our daily routine before going to bed.

Before bed time ,for five minutes think that this virus is black smoke ,that is going in universe for healing and we all are happy and going to follow our daily routine and our country and whole world is filled with white light. This divine white light has healed everyone and everyone is is very happy and peaceful . This world has become a beautiful place as before to live in peacefully.

Build immunity to fight with this deadly disease through this immunity building guided meditation by vidhu jain

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