Keep these things in mind while making Maggi

It can be said that if the taste of Maggi changes even a little, then the whole mood gets spoiled. So keep these things in mind while making Maggi

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Keep these things in mind while making Maggi

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It would not be wrong to say that Maggi is not only a fast food but also an emotion. That is why if there is something in the kitchen or not, then you will definitely get Maggi. The special thing about Maggi is that it is everyone’s favorite from children to elders. That’s why a smile comes on the face as soon as Maggie’s name is taken. However, it can be said that making Maggi is also an art as not everyone knows how to make Tasty Maggi. There are many reasons behind this. Often people make some small mistakes, due to which the taste of Maggi gets spoiled. Today in this article we will tell you about the tips that you should follow while making Maggi.

Keep these things in mind while making Maggi

Must use oil

Many people are very fond of eating simple Maggi. It is also prepared in less time, as well as the taste is also great. But most women have this problem that whenever they make Maggi, it sticks. Due to this not only the taste of Maggi gets spoiled but it also gets less.

Many times when Maggi gets too much water, it starts sticking even in the process of drying it. If this happens to you too, then this trick will be very useful for you. For Maggi not sticking to the pot, you should use oil. Whenever you are boiling Maggi, put some oil in it and then see the wonders. Maggi will not stick with the use of oil and you will not feel sticky either.

Reduce the use of onion-tomato

why we should not use more vegetable in maggiAre you also one of those women who think that adding more onions and tomatoes to anything enhances the taste of food, then you are wrong. Especially in the case of Maggi, this is not the case at all. People who like vegetable Maggi often put one onion and two tomatoes in 1 Maggi. Shouldn’t do that. Adding more onion and tomato makes Maggi taste sweet. Therefore, you should use these two vegetables very carefully. If you are making a Maggi then use only half an onion-tomato. 

The right way to make Fried Maggi

Do you like Fried Maggi? But you also boil Maggi by adding water after sprinkling the vegetables and it becomes your fried Maggi? But let me tell you that this should not be done. For fried Maggi, firstly Maggi is boiled separately with spices. After this, Maggi is fried for some time by adding vegetables. It is called Fried Maggi. So next time whenever you make such Maggi, then definitely follow this method for great taste. 

Increase the taste of Maggi with these things

how to enhance maggi taste
  • If you are making fried Maggi, then adding sauce and lemon juice to it doubles the taste.
  • If you want, you can also add cumin in Maggi, but fry it well.
  • You can use black pepper to make simple Maggi tasty.

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